Request Pocket Edition version of Mods?


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Is there anyway that we can have some popular FTB mods ported to pocket edition because I have a friend who's computer is too shitty to play MC on his PC. His kindle on the other hand has the greater capacity in which to do so, and I want to show him the wonderful world of Feed the Beast since he would be new to it. I am kind of hoping to cobble a small modpack together that would run on most android devices.

My ideal List and Reasons

Applied Energistics [Storage and Autocrafting]
Extra Utilities [Ease of starting up as well as various tools, Ender Quarry, Pump Etc]
Immersive Engineering [Power Generation, Excavation, Fuel Production]
Pam's Harvestcraft [Easy access to food
Thaumcraft [Demonstration of a magic mod; Transmutation; resource production]
Thermal Expansion [Industrialization; Automation; Processing]
Tinker's construct [Easy tool making, early ore processing]

Now I would either forgo Thermal Expansion or IE in favor of another if it mean efficiency on a tablet, but I would love to have IE cause of its means of producing power over Thermal expansion's [Dynamos kind of suck]. I hope there is a way they can be ported in pocket edition