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Whitelist Server Phoenix Reborn | Full Featured & Light Pack | Fast Whitelist | Professional | Friendly {UgLounge}

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by GBattaglia, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Puppy63376

    Puppy63376 New Member

    i cant join it says the following mods a rejected
  2. lunax564

    lunax564 New Member

    Age:12(Yes I'm young, but not a troll)
    In-Game Username:lunax564
    Do you agree to the rules? I agree to the rules
  3. thomboy90

    thomboy90 New Member

    In-Game Username: thomboy90
    Do you agree to the rules? I agree with all the rules
  4. superzip

    superzip New Member



    dont fell too bad the important thing is that you can play on the server.

    we are running the 1.0.18 version of the pack right now, you need to down grade from 1.0.19 before you can join. we normaly wait a few days or a week before we update in case of bugs.

    also whitelisted


    i really hope too see you all online.untill then have fun
  5. Adiem

    Adiem New Member

    Age: 32
    In-Game Username: Adiem
    Do you agree to the rules? I agree to the rules.
  6. MidomDevil

    MidomDevil New Member

    Age: 16
    In-Game Username: midomdevil
    Do you agree to the rules? Yes I do.
  7. superzip

    superzip New Member

    you are both whitelisted, welcome to the server
  8. Feeka

    Feeka New Member

    Age: 19
    In-Game Username: FE3KA
    Do you agree to the rules? I do.
  9. krism

    krism New Member

    Adet to whitelist

    Welcome to the server :-D
  10. DoktorSprinkels

    DoktorSprinkels New Member

    age: 37
    i agree to the rules.
  11. superzip

    superzip New Member

    whitelisted, hope to see you online
  12. Minethepeeps

    Minethepeeps New Member

    Age: 14
    In-Game Username: MineThePeeps
    Do you agree to the rules? Yes, I agree.
  13. krism

    krism New Member

    whitelisted. welcome to the server
  14. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    Working on getting chat titles up soon today. Feel free to join the server. :)
  15. Pandemoneus

    Pandemoneus New Member

    Age: 25
    In-Game Username: Pandemoneus
    Do you agree to the rules? I agree to the rules.
  16. krism

    krism New Member

    adet to whitelist Welcom to the server Pandemoneus
  17. Armaneth

    Armaneth New Member

    Age: 26
    In-Game Username: Armaneth
    Do you agree to the rules? Yes.
  18. krism

    krism New Member

    adet to whitelist Welcom to the server Armaneth
  19. GBattaglia

    GBattaglia New Member

    Server updated to 1.0.19. Be sure to update your clients. :)
  20. Allwin

    Allwin New Member

    IGN: Allwin
    Age: 20
    I have read, accepted and agreed to your rules.

    I was originally coming here to apply for FTB Infinity servers but the more I look the more issues there seem to be with the modpack in its current state, ie. not enough active players/too much lag. I'd also like to start smaller and work my way up. Thanks for reviewing the application in advance, and I hope I get white-listed. :)

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