Performance slowly gets worse and worse, closing and restarting temporarily fixes

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Jul 29, 2019
Performance slowly gets worse and worse, closing and restarting temporarily fixes
Launcher Version:
Direwolf20 1.7.10
Modpack Version:
Reccomended (I think 1.5.0)
Log Link:
Details of the issue:
As in the title, when playing on my own server, hosted off the same computer with ~2 friends, sometimes 3, my performance slowly goes from 60 fps to 4 fps over the course of a few hours. If I restart and go back to launcher, it resets whatever performance issues are progressing. I'm typically playing on the lowest possible settings with fps cap at 60. Not sure if this helps, but putting the cap down really far doesn't help. Also, not sure if I'm addressing multiple issues here or not, but right clicking in the air with something that doesn't do anything, or on a block, freezes my game up for a second or so. Javelins do this, longswords, bows and interacting with chests doesn't, but sometimes crafting tables do. Stuff like putting things into a barrel or placing down ritual stones with the ritual diviner destroys my game, as do snowballs and some wand focuses.

-edit I'll upload log link in a bit, I'm going to play for a while so I can get the log link.
-edit edit Everything went as usual, starting with decent performance and all, but while harvesting a somewhat large carrot farm my fps suddenly dropped to 0, spiking every second or so. I opened task manager and checked ftb's ram usage, which was at ~67% of allocated ram. The server itself was using most of it's ram, around 90%. I decided to disconnect and close ftb and the server, but for some reason the ftb launcher console is using 50-90% of my cpu and isn't responding to anything I do, but windows isn't saying it's not responding. I would upload my logs, but nothing in the console is working. I'm not sure if my cpu overheated, but either way I don't think the console should be using 75% cpu, especially after closing ftb and going to the launcher.
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May 22, 2013
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Running a client and server on the same machine is not recommended. I suggest getting a dedicated one.
I do not necessarily agree with the generalization - it depends on how robust his computer is. In this particular case, though, it does appear it is being starved of memory and the solution would be to get more memory or host the server on a different system.

(And before anyone asks, yes, I have run a server and client on the same system before.)


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Jul 29, 2019
I say this alot on this forum lol... anyways here it goes again. As for ram amounts needed for server this is a recommended minimum of 2GB to your client max 4GB. Server minimum of 2GB max well that is up to you. Windows 7 it selfs uses 2GB of ram alone so you can see you need a minimum of 6GB of ram to play efficiently while hosting a server. How good your processor is plays a decent roll in this and towards ram. Minimum of a quad core will do. My specs with my server on my PC are 10GB ram 4 to client, 2 to the server and the rest to what ever else I am doing. I have a AMD 6350 6core at 3.9 Ghz and GPU AMD HD radeon 6950 unlocked to a 6970. With those specs I do just fine except my rendering but that is partially do towards my GPU which is about to be replaced in like two weeks.
What are your PC specs if you do not mind me asking? Also what do you have allocated towards your client side and server side for ram?
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