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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dragonborn Engineer, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Dragonborn Engineer

    Dragonborn Engineer New Member


    As you see, even core 0 and core 2 temp is out of bound, so it shows negative temp, and core 1 and 3 shows really frightening temps. This is taken when I am playing FTB ultimate with optifine, and it seems that my computer could melt down at any time. Any suggestion for a good cooling solution?

    My pc spec:
    Core 2 quad
    GeForce 210
    Powerlogic 250 watt and 500 pure power something
    6gb ram
  2. LightKnight

    LightKnight Active Member

    1. This program seems weird , get something like coretemp. it works better.
    2. SHUT DOWN the computer if the temperature is above ~85C , higher than that may cause damage to the processor.
    3. Check where your computer is ? if it is in a tight place without air circulation move it. or maybe you need to upgrade your cpu fan , the stock fans are pretty weak ( check if there is a switch between P and Q and select P , it will work better )
  3. Dragonborn Engineer

    Dragonborn Engineer New Member


    What the heck is happening with my PC
  4. LightKnight

    LightKnight Active Member

    It happens even when you are not doing anything ? or only when you play mc ?
  5. Bihlbo

    Bihlbo Well-Known Member

    You do know you can't run the thing on lava, right?
  6. CoderJ

    CoderJ Active Member

    Either that SpeedFan is misinterpreting the provided thermoresistor readings or your thermoresistor has screwed the pooch. Try using HWMonitor or something similar (it's pretty obvious SpeedFan is not reading some stuff right as it says your 12v rail is 3.58V... which is not possible; well it is but your PC wouldn't be on to monitor it :p)

    How old is your setup if you're running a Core 2 + GeForce 210? If you're comfortable doing some tech work yourself, I would recommend cleaning off the old heatsink compound off the CPU and using something like IC Diamond (could be a breakdown in the application or a bad application).

    Unfortunately, Minecraft is a pretty CPU intensive game even with some shuffling of the load to the GPU. When mods get added, we're just adding more load to that pile of stuff the CPU has to do (for various reason I won't get into here... suffice to say not everyone codes things the same).
  7. Dragonborn Engineer

    Dragonborn Engineer New Member


    It doesn't change? All temp monitoring program (SpeedFan, CoreTemp and HWMonitor) shows extremely high temp and the +12v is still at 3.52v... And yes, it only happens when I run minecraft... Maybe it is time to me to bring this to the tech because the last time I opened up my computer to lift up my heatsink from the processor, it won't boot
    Or is that the source of the problem?

    Edit: And this is the temp after I closes the FTB

  8. NegoDark

    NegoDark New Member

    Had the same issue with my i5 few months ago, re-appliying the thermal compound fixed.

    It's pretty simple and there's loads of tutorials in the web.
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  9. Harvest88

    Harvest88 Well-Known Member

    LOL! I totally get the joke, How about adding 360k Coolant cells? LOL! Now on topic yea get better cooling fans or if you overclocked your PC enough you'll may even need water cooling systems. You may be able to cool it down with a fan by your PC and that should bring the temp down at least a little with added circulation. Your PC room may also be too hot so turn on your AC if that's the case. Also never put your PC by a heat vent and/or sun or anything that may heat up the thing more.
  10. Dragonborn Engineer

    Dragonborn Engineer New Member

    How about using several helium cells? Anyway, base clock here, no overclocking after all, but I will definitely buy a new fan here, because it is hot here. But if I have the money, definitely I would want to try some watercooling, so I can overclock a bit
  11. TheDJParadox

    TheDJParadox Active Member

    All I can say is get a better cooler with a larger heat sink and make sure that the fans that you get for said heat sink are pushing enough air needed to the processor. If this does not effect the temperature at all I would suggest making sure that your processor does not have a faulty heat sensor.
  12. frenchiveruti

    frenchiveruti New Member

    I'm here, two years later, because i found myself in the same problem, CPU Temps AVG 80ºC, after applying a new Thermal Compund (Artic Silver MX-2) on my i5-4590 @ 3.0Ghz, the CPU Temperature Average went down to a more normal ~60ºC
    Thanks Nego Dark!

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