Optifine Flashing Chunks/Textures. (FIX)

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vendetta, May 6, 2013.

  1. Vendetta

    Vendetta New Member

    I have recently had the problem of having flashing chunks when using the optifine mod. I know a few other people who have this problem too.

    There is a simple fix for this, for those who need it. It worked for me, at least.

    Open up your graphics card control panel.
    To get to the graphics card control panel, look here:
    (Excuse my love for english bulldogs :p)

    Now, in your panel, go to 3D Settings.
    Then make sure you are on the 'Global Settings' Tab.

    Now turn 'Threaded Optimization' or 'OpenGL Optimization' to off.
    Then turn 'Vertical Sync' to on.

    Here is an example:

    I hope this helps anyone with the problem.

    Thanks :)
  2. tompy97

    tompy97 New Member

    Thanks, i'll be sure to test this out! I uninstalled optifine because of such issues
  3. NosePicker5555

    NosePicker5555 New Member

    I couldn't find Threaded Optimization' or 'OpenGL Optimization. I have an intel Graphics ._.
    I like the dogs though :3
  4. Vendetta

    Vendetta New Member

    Unfortunately the intel chipset does not include threaded optimization.
    Here's a message from a request that was on the intel forums:
    You can always try changing to smooth chunk loading instead of multicore, this has previously fixed the problem.

    I hope this fixes it.
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  5. NosePicker5555

    NosePicker5555 New Member

    Alrighty then, thanks anyways :)

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