Optifine broken textures

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by tzeapa, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. tzeapa

    tzeapa New Member

    When I install the optifine mod on FTB, the mob, player and chest textures are starting to mess up. To fix it i need to restart the game, but then it begins again. I tried to reinstall the mod, the game and even the operating system.
  2. Bahnmor

    Bahnmor New Member

    It's a known issue with optifine. It doesn't play nice with several mods. In the instance I use it reacts badly with Metallurgy, causing the same problems you report. I don't know what causes it specifically, but you're not the only one who suffers from it.
  3. Furious1964

    Furious1964 Well-Known Member

    I get the same thing. So, it's Optifine's fault?
  4. Offputting

    Offputting New Member

    Disabling portal gun fixes it.

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