Waiting Opening Teams GUI crashes Minecraft

Discussion in 'FTB Beyond' started by I9hdkill, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. I9hdkill

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    Summary of the problem Opening Teams GUI crashes Minecraft

    Pack Version 1.0.1

    What is the bug? For some of our players (around 10 from 30) Minecraft is crashing when opening the ftb team gui.
    Weird thing is, it's not computer/graphic driver related, it's account based.
    User logged to another mc account and it didn't crash for hours. When he logged back to his other mc account and he tried to open the gui, it instantly crashed. So it might be related to which players are in the ftb team/or which seetings has been alterted or similiar

    Mod & Version FTB Utilities I guess

    Link to log file https://pastebin.com/Pff9mNuJ

    Is it repeatable? Yes,
    just reopen the gui

    Known Fix No known fix
  2. tfox83

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    Reported to Dev
  3. Proctor

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    Same problem here
    Modpack version 1.2.1 !

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