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Discussion in 'FTB Pyramid Reborn' started by choekstr, Mar 16, 2018.

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    I had made my way up to submitting the Stonework factory and upon starting up the world today I lost most of my blue team progress and some of the computers aren't starting up. I still have all my items and the world is intact but the computers are not happy. I tried resetting and even more computers aren't starting up for some reason. Relaunched the modpack as well and it is still in the same state

    As you can see by the items in my hotbar, I have made it much further than the first quest but it has lost quest progress. The inner pyramid progress percentage shows 12%, shows 1st and 3rd completed, but outside it's not showing as completed and won't accept any quest turn-ins

  2. choekstr

    choekstr Guest

    And another quest not showing example and computer not registering properly:
  3. slowpoke

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    In the middle main pyramid behind a trapdoor is a button. This resets the computer. You can try pressing that, however it will take a while for the computers to start up so be warned.
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    I did that and each time I reset the computers and wait a good 5-20 mins the computers get worse and less start up. I have about half working now. Going to wait for you update (hopefully today) and see if I can recover, otherwise I will just restart.
  5. choekstr

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    latest update seemed to fix most issues. I started a new world anyway since it was a big update anyway. This can be closed and thanks for the great pack!
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