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Discussion in 'Other Games' started by RyokuHasu, Oct 18, 2016.

  1. RyokuHasu

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    So I was digging through my old collection of games and found my complete set of original The Sims and all expansions, it's literally a full set!

    So I'm reliving the good old days of the 90's by putting in a storage device known as a CD and manually entering product keys, then repeating the process across 12 CDs in total. I wish it was on steam so I could port all my product keys to 1 click install of the entire set :p

    Back in the days when "platches" and expansions came on separatly sold discs, Oh wait world of warcraft still does that to this day lol

    For those that don't know the Complete collection:
    The Sims
    Living Large
    House Party
    Hot Date
    Making Magic
    Bonus CD containing Deluxe Edition and Bonus Items
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  2. Sheebus

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    Well played; Rosebud. :3

    I remember the sims when I was in highschool, haha. Good stuff. PC version was always the best IMHO.
  3. kaled

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    you still keep The original Sims and all the expansions! That's good, I've lost the game for a long time.
  4. grandrolf

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    Fun to play around with old stuff one finds in boxes and corners :)

    Think there's a few others than Blizzard that does this on bigger updates/patches/expansions - not everyone have a connection that allows download of greater content, or even don't want to wait for the download due to slow/slower connections.

    Digital downloads are the best, but it's good that some still care about those poor souls with bad connections ;)
  5. kimipwnz

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    my favorite is crash bandicot crash bandicoot
  6. aliovalio

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