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Okay, mekanism and advanced generators

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by fight4anarchy, Sep 22, 2015.

  1. fight4anarchy

    fight4anarchy New Member

    Okay so im trying to setup a gas turbine system. Fueled with hydrogen from mechanism. Not the most efficient way im sure but im just starting out with mekanism and its the easiest thing i can make. Heres the thing. Will i need to turn the hydrogen into liquid hydrogen before pumping them into my advanced gennie? If so what pipes do you recomend as ive had trouble getting mekanism pipes to connect with advanced generators. Im in the daybreakers modpack :) thanks guys!
  2. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    No. You just take normal gaseous hydrogen and pipe it out using pressurized tubes.

    Or enderIO gas conduits (specific crossmod thingummy but allows for tidy trunking :p)

    EDIT: owait advanced generators. I've not actually used the mod so i'm not sure, but a cursory googling shows that it *should* work with gaseous hydrogen from mekanism. At least it doesn't specify liquid hydrogen on this page
  3. epidemia78

    epidemia78 New Member

    Only galacticraft accepts mek gasses in my experience, kinda wish they'd just do away with gasses altogether and use fluids. You can convert them to liquid form with a rotary condensentrator, maybe try that?
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  4. fight4anarchy

    fight4anarchy New Member

    See thats the thing i cant connect the pressurized tubes to the item or fluid intake on the advanced gennies. Ive even tried extra utilities pipes fluid and item with and with out the world upgrade. Ill try placing them in an EU barrel and pipe out from there. Thanks for the help guys ill post an update later today

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  5. fight4anarchy

    fight4anarchy New Member

    Thats what i was thinking :)

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  6. Vaeliorin

    Vaeliorin New Member

    Have you tried using the gas intake for advanced generators? Or is the version in Horizons so old it doesn't have that?

    Anyway, I'd suggest using Liquid Ethylene. Super easy to make and gives you lots of power.
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  7. fight4anarchy

    fight4anarchy New Member

    yeah Ive started making the liquid ethylene :) took sa little working out but got it thanks heaps. i also did solve my earlier problem on the post! and yes the AG does have the gas input!

    EDIT: is there any chance youd share your ethylene setup with me? mines really.. really bad
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  8. Vaeliorin

    Vaeliorin New Member

    I don't have any pictures of it, and I'm not playing a pack with Mekanism at the moment, but I just had an Ender Chest with wheat and seeds going into a Crusher on one side of the Pressurized Reaction Chamber, an Electrolytic Seperator on the other, a Mek pump supplying water through the bottom, a Rotary Condensentrator on the front (with pipes pulling into an Ender Tank) and a Storage Drawer with a void upgrade on the top to take the output. Basically only had 4 pipes in the entire setup, one putting raw materials into the crusher, 2 for splitting water into the seperator and PRC, and one pulling the Liquid Ethylene into the Ender Tank.
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