Odd hidden witchery mechanic

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Jul 29, 2019
So witchery is a very under documented mod (on purpose I believe), and what is documented is mostly riddle and hint, of course the wiki explains a good amount it refrains from going into specifics, this is referring to something I have found absolutely no documentation for that goes by (from what I can tell) Doom cat.
This doom cat as I believe its called seems to be mostly immortal, dying from flukes and random misshapen that don't work a second time (I pushed it into lava once and it died, then never again did lava kill it) and is indeed a player under the effects of something very similar to vampirism but of much higher quality and power here is everything I know about it
Ritual- The ritual to become a doom cat consists of standing in a circle while a witch (without a familiar and not needing a coven) performs an unknown rite, this involves the player to become a doom cat drinking a variation of liliths blood (it seems to be named Blairs blood and has a different metadata value, and is darker in appearance, whether that's the actual name or not I find it odd that the only witch I know that has an intimate knowledge of this ritual (of which she will not impart) character's name is blair (With a difference I cant quite remember) This special blood appears hidden in both creative mode and nei) after drinking such the witch begins the ritual subjecting the subject to 37 lightning strikes, at which point the subject is now a doom cat, immortal In most ways (this ritual seems to cause the doom cat to be the witches familiar, with a life link and when both are present an increase to curses and rites.)
Immortality- The immortality takes effect that even at a value of 0 health a doom cat does not die, not via void fire physical armour piercing blood magic or other forms of damage besides on occasion a set of variables that allow the doom cats death will occur (what these variables are is unknown) and the doom cat can die, most often via fire and lightning damage does that occur, also the doom cat has an extreme regeneration effect (not potion based just natural) in which the doom cat can regenerate 100 hearts in the span of half a minute (yes the doom cat has higher health, and upon the rare occurrences of death the doom cat gains an extra 20 hearts of maximum health) the doom cat also instantly heals any damage that causes it to dip below 20 hearts.
Food and energy source- as a vampire finds its food source in blood the doom cat will find its food source in bad luck, in that any damage that occurs across the server or world (mob or player) finds itself feeding the doom cat, a player being worth 1000x the value of a mob (or so he told me)
Abilities- one thing ive noted about the doom cat is there are multiple paths (I only know of two paths and within each path 1 type) but that there are natural abilities
Enchanting- (yes this has extreme mod compat I'm still not sure if this is purely witchery or what) With this ability the doom cat is able to use some of its bad luck to convert grass into botania enchanted soil.
Stone breaking- much like vampires and werewolves a doom cat can instantly break stone and dirt at no cost (as apposed to the vampires use of blood)
Throwing- the doom cat can throw a player (at a much longer range than a vampire) with a shift left click
Damage multiplier- the doom cat has a natural damage multiplier (higher than that of a vampire) that also effects ranged weapons
Mesmerize- much like vampires mesmerize
Now to the types
(dark)- currently the only type I know of is the nightmare
Nightmare- Has a much higher damage per hit ratio (higher damage multiplier) causes withering by looking at you, at higher levels this cat spawns mobs around it (that still attack it Useful much?) no matter spawning conditions (otherwise unknown)
(light)- currently the only type I know of is the Lucky cat
Luck- This cat is kind of ridiculous and still confuses me immensely. This cat has a natural looting and fortune 5 effect (or something like that) this cat causes odd and different drops occur (here's where the extreme mod compat comes to play like it's so ridiculous) such as he killed the wither and it dropped a nether star block (forbidden magic) he killed enderman and they dropped blocks of enderium (Thermal foundation) he also claims to have gained bound armour and other items from different mobs but these things I'm not quite ready to believe. also projectiles have the adverse effect of being stopped in midair before reaching him.
(also still confused as he has mentioned infusing himself with mobs but has never demonstrated or explained)
Sunlight- though he insist it annoys him he has never elaborated, he also seems to be able to change the time and weather (without op commands circle magic or a mystic branch) he seems to be fine and unhindered in daylight.
Otherwise I know nothing, if you know any more please mention it, or otherwise tell me I'm an idiot or completely false and have no idea what I'm talking about I appreciate any feedback. (no he doesn't understand it very well either and is very confused as well, requiring the blair witch to help him level and become better)


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Jul 29, 2019
Doom cat vs Chaos Guardian. Fight!
I'm not sure about chaos guardian as it just does physical and void damage (albeit a lot of physical and void damage), he claimed to beat it without armour but never showed me that fight so I don't believe it XD.
Post reads like a hoax.

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That's how I feel, still not fully sure if hes just a really amazing hacker or a really op hidden witchery thing, but to me it seems almost legit, (lucky cat was a bit ridiculous and is probably the reason why I doubt it so much anymore).


I hope you are still active in this forum. Do you got any more informations about the doom cat right now? would be awesome