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Nullifying wither effect?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by NinjaEnergy, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. NinjaEnergy

    NinjaEnergy New Member

    Hi guys, im actually looking for a way to efectively get rid of the wither effect that some mobs/bosses inflict.

    Im playing on FTB infinity 1.9.0, but from what i know and checked, noone of the mods i use offer a way to actually remove the effect. Best thing i found is supplying a regeneration effect, which is kinda nice (and did already), but im still looking to know if there is a way to remove or counter it...

    Thanks for any help offered!
  2. trinityamc

    trinityamc New Member

    Dont know much About infinity and its modlist but if xenos reliquary is in the pack u got this if not well just add the mod and craft yourself a witherless Rose as long as its in your Inventory you Dont get the wither Effect

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  3. NinjaEnergy

    NinjaEnergy New Member

    nope, no xenos sadly
  4. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    Thaumic Tinkerer adds an amulet that can do that, I can't remember the name though
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  5. Plasmaboo

    Plasmaboo New Member

    Mystical Trinkets adds an amulet that can do that, I remember the name to be The Witherless Amulet
  6. desht

    desht Well-Known Member

    Talisman of Remedium is the one you're after.

    Otherwise: Protection IV on all your armour greatly reduces the chance and duration of withering, I've found. To the point where I can fight Botania's Gaia 2.0 without needing any regen potions or other defences. Just a good sword and full Terrasteel with Prot IV.
  7. NinjaEnergy

    NinjaEnergy New Member

    Yeah, i was actually preparing for the Gaia II, so i got myself a fully enchanted (prot IV stacked + extras) terra armor + sword. Also prepared a few of the regen flowers on the ground and the damaging ones, just in case :p

    The talisman will be a great adition to this also, thanks for that!
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  8. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

    removing wither effect on infinity mod pack doesn't an infernal wand (yes with caps attached dont think they need to be anything special ) give wither immunity? (as well as protection from fire for a limited extent if ur not holding it directly in your hand) its from forbidden magic
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  9. RedBoss

    RedBoss New Member

    Drink milk. Its a mechanic of vanilla Minecraft to remove any potion effect.
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  10. Everlasting2

    Everlasting2 Well-Known Member

    unstackable one use ithem and since the gai and the wither boss lead to getting it multiple times and then theres another down fall of milk removes all positve effects as well which is undesirable or even lethal in some cases
    thens there fact u must manually drink it so the boss dmgs u more while ur drinking the milk 3 pts against vannila milk

    side note milk does NOT remove all/any potion effects some are hard codded to NOT be removed so easily try to drink milk for soul fray or thaumcraft warp effects
  11. Anduris

    Anduris Guest

    I recommend using the Charm: Wither Resistance one piece of supremium armor, and using draconium for the rest.

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  12. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Greetings Anduris. Just fyi, the player was inquiring about this around 3 years ago ;)

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