Not Really Werewolf [Game Thread]

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by VictiniX888, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Lethosos

    Lethosos New Member

    Vote Foulteef.

    He's being flakier than dandruff shampoo.
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  2. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    He was probably thinking about math when he wrote it.

    Also reading Fowl's post he and SE could be wolves, not voting for Robin so that they can wolfkill him, and voting for SE to throw people off the scent that he's a wolf. Still vote fowl (that revenge vote was towards him)

    Or maybe I shouldn't think about werewolf when I just woke up.
  3. profrags

    profrags Guest

    Antismite eweshuen
  4. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    There's a lot going on in this game, you shouldn't need to antismite.

    I'm adding profrags to my list of suspicious peeps.
  5. fowltief

    fowltief New Member

    Really you got all of that?

    Pyure , remind me next time to stop questioning myself and just go with my gut next time.

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  6. Pyure

    Pyure Not Totally Useless

    Uh, what's your gut telling you?

    Don't read too much into sgbros' play. I've literally seen him be a seer, find a townie, and then accuse him of being suspicious. He's not totally dialed in.
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  7. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    I've been a seer? That does things?
  8. fowltief

    fowltief New Member

    I should of just stick to voting rob instead of questioning his speech...

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  9. SoraZodia

    SoraZodia Forum Ghost Third Party Pack Team Mod Developer

    That reminds me...
    His vote doesn't make much sense to me. I'm assuming that his main reason was that I didn't go on the BigD bandwagon and accused him of being a potential wolf, to which he then though I was BigD's potential wolf buddy. But BigD was since revealed to be a neutral, which should also clear the suspicion of me being wolf along with any reasons to for a vote on me.

    Care to share your logic for why the vote made sense? I would like to hear your reasons as well @Robijnvogel , his list was made during d1 so it's unlikely that he actually knew that any of us is a wolf (As seen with BigD).
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  10. eweshuen

    eweshuen Guest

    Sorry guys, newb here. What's an antismite?
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  11. erindalc

    erindalc Popular Member

    Basically an excuse to not participate for the rest of the day, or if you may be unable to. In this case I don't agree with his use of it there was no real reason to do that.
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  12. SoraZodia

    SoraZodia Forum Ghost Third Party Pack Team Mod Developer

    Vote Robijnvogel, mainly due to how you justified your vote on me, don't really trust you at this point.
  13. Robijnvogel

    Robijnvogel Well-Known Member

    D2 Vote tally up until now:

    Fowl (3) <- Sg, SE, Letho
    Sora (2) <- Robin, Nojr
    Nojr <- Vike
    SE <- Fowl
    Vike <- Pyure
    Eweshuen <- Profrags
    Robin <- Sora

    People who didn't vote (yet):

    A lot can still happen...

    Please give me a few minutes to allow me to form an answer to your questions, Sora. :)
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  14. Robijnvogel

    Robijnvogel Well-Known Member

    Ok, @SoraZodia , you have a point. You have done nothing to make yourself look suspicious. My vote on you is purely based on one thing that Nojr said. I would have reacted earlier if I'd had the time, but I've been away or asleep for the last 14 hours. As you may recall, the first reason I voted on you was because you were rather inactive, which you seized to be.
    I'll be certain to shift my vote now, but I can't really decide whom to vote for as there are several suspicions (including Profrags, whom no-one voted for yet) that still aren't very solid and neither are the respective defences.

    Pyure and Nojr seem too town to me to justify a vote on them, so I'll vote Fowl today.

    No one trusts me... Will this ever change?
  15. RealKC

    RealKC Popular Member

    This vote is really suspicious. There is enough going on to vote someone, and you decide to antismite. vote Profrags
  16. eweshuen

    eweshuen Guest

    Still don't get what it means, care to elaborate?
  17. eweshuen

    eweshuen Guest

    So victini told me what an antismite is, and i do find it odd for profrags to antismite.

    So vote profrags.
  18. Robijnvogel

    Robijnvogel Well-Known Member

    Is there a chance that Profrags may be really indecisive, because there's so many potential wolves?* Also, he may just be very busy right now.

    *I know I am. Speaking of which: I don't know how I feel about suddenly having become the decisive vote on what might turn out to be another towny lynch.
  19. Robijnvogel

    Robijnvogel Well-Known Member

    Oh right, I could just ask you... @profrags could you explain your antismite? Preferably before day's end.
  20. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    all aboard the wagon

    Vote profrags

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