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Discussion in 'FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock HQM' started by FlyPlease, Aug 3, 2017.

  1. FlyPlease

    FlyPlease Guest

    Is it supposed to be like that? Quests dont have rewards.
  2. aaronhowser1

    aaronhowser1 Active Member Team Member FTB Pack Developer

    Yes, the majority of quests do not have rewards yet. There were pretty split opinions on whether or not to include rewards, so we played it safe and didn't have any. We may eventually add rewards though.
  3. RadioMan

    RadioMan Guest

    If the rewards are implemented will you be able to claim them still even when you finish these quests now, or should I better wait?

    Edit: A couple of extra lives would be nice every now and then because 3 is a bit low especially if you are like me and fall in the void in the beginning of a skyblock map.
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  4. aaronhowser1

    aaronhowser1 Active Member Team Member FTB Pack Developer

    Neither of the Infinity packs are supposed to be used with the HQM hardcore mode turned on, so you have as many lives as you need. I think it would be better to play now instead of waiting because we don't have rewards scheduled at all yet.
  5. RadioMan

    RadioMan Guest

    That's ok, just found out that on my server I used the wrong command to start the mod, /hqm enable, this automatically turns it into hardcore mode and I'm stuck with 3 lives, trying to find a way or spawn in some hearts to solve this, it's basically the same solution I used with the other problem, just create a small 3x3 dirt patch and spawn in a chest with the stuff you normally get.
  6. well - you should check your configs
    it's supposed to create island as only the tree - skyfactory style - you can change it to the 3x3 + chest in config

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