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Whitelist Server NexusCraft - 16 Slots - 2GB - New Server - DW20 1.7 Series - Mature

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by TheCountChuckula, Dec 20, 2014.

  1. LiftedDuramax419

    LiftedDuramax419 New Member

    Minecraft IGN:countryboy2327
    Mod packs you've used before:direwolf20's and minecracks
    Favorite mod: ae or mfr
    Least Favorite mod: thaumcraft
    What you plan to bring to the community:helpful hand and a nice/ funny guy
    How often do you play:everyday
  2. StephJ2Fan

    StephJ2Fan New Member

    Minecraft IGN: StephJ2Fan
    Age: 29
    Mod packs you've used before: All Technic Packs, most of the FTB packs, and I am making a private modpack as well
    Favorite mod: I'm more of a techie girl than magic, so anything techie and new for me to learn.
    Least Favorite mod: I play most of my SP worlds on Peaceful, so I have not got a least favorite mod, but I don't care for mobs
    What you plan to bring to the community: I'm helpful when I can be.
    How often do you play: My hours at work differ from week to week, so I can promise to be on at least 2x a week for about an hour, but that's it.
  3. lionkev55

    lionkev55 New Member

    Minecraft IGN: Lionkev55
    Age: 13
    Mod packs you've used before: Tekkit Classic, DW20, and a custom one
    Favorite Mod: EnderIO
    Least Favorite Mod: None, I just don't use the ones I don't enjoy much
    What you plan to bring to the community: To show younger players can play mature and have fun.
    How often do you play: Basically everyday, I play more or less depending how much fun I am having.
  4. Skidd2

    Skidd2 New Member

    Minecraft IGN: Skidd23
    Age: 29
    Mod packs you've used before: Dw20 1.47 through present, Ag skies, horizons, crash landing, material energy, old tekkit (pre1.4)
    Favorite Mod: Tinkers, but anything technical really
    Least Favorite Mod: Witchery. I have it in the pack, but I delete every item that I get from that mod. Ugh.
    What do you plan to bring to the community: Well, I like automation, and building neat buildings for fun and challenge. I'd like to play with afew others on a quest to build something awesome, just because I can.
    How often do you play: When I can, mostly in the evenings, between 5-9 or 10 pm, CST
  5. Iddias

    Iddias New Member

    Minecraft IGN: iddias
    Age: 35
    Mod packs you've used before: Tekkit, FTB, DW20, and privately made
    Favorite mod: Thaumcraft and any add-ons
    Least Favorite: Not sure yet
    What you plan to bring to the community: Whatever i can spare is yours, i always share
    How often do you play: everyday
  6. TheCountChuckula

    TheCountChuckula New Member

    Sorry. My truck broke down and I had to pay for a new car. I may bring it back later.
  7. Skidd2

    Skidd2 New Member

    Aww. I was looking forward to starting to play on a new(ish) server :p but life comes first!

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