New server (Dungeon Dragons and Space Shuttles) Crashing during blood moons.

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    I used to think I was smart enough to setup / fix these sort of things but I am at my wits end. I set up a Dungeons Dragons and Space Shuttles server for my oldest, a few of his friends, and myself to play on. I have used this same server before to host Pixelmon, Direwolf20, Foolcraft and vanilla servers before. I usually use Amp/McMyadmin from Cubecoders to build and manage the server, but I have gotten almost the same result just starting the server from the command line.

    First I thought that there was something wrong with windows on the server itself (I could not get the new AMP instances to run as services) so I reverted the snapshot of the server back to the day after I did all the updates the first time, re-updated windows and then started from there with the same issues. The server starts up and runs fine UNTIL there is a blood moon. After a few minutes of monsters spawning it gets laggier and laggier until, poof it dies. I have tried various java arguments, and even just the bare minimum and none of them seem to change anything.

    Server Specs:
    HP Proliant DL360 G7
    12x Intel Xeon x5560 @2.80GHz
    ~147gb ram
    400GB HDD
    I am running VMware ESXi 5.5 to host the VMs so I have WAY more resources to throw at the problem if that is it.

    The VM running the server itself has:
    Windows Server 2012 R2
    2 CPUs
    32GB ram
    80gb HDD
    I have an 8GB ramdisk that actually hosts the MCmyadmin / Minecraft files.

    Here is the pastebin of the crash log:
    I got some help from someone on reddit after i pasted this error and was able to disable the mob causing that crash. So I forced another blood moon and this time it crashed after just letting the mobs spawn.

    There is SOMETHING I am missing since I started over. I tried using the latest java JRE version as well as the latest JDK. The main symptom before it crashes is that the mobs are in slow motion and the starts in the sky skip backwards every few seconds.

    Help me smart people, the boy and his friends are chomping at the bit to play.

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