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Whitelist Server New Server | [1.7] DireWolf20 1.0.0 | TeamSpeak 3 | 21+ Only

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by jpkline, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. jpkline

    jpkline New Member


    Hello every,

    My name is jpkline and I have decided that I am going to be hosting a server for the new DireWolf20 pack. I've been playing on a few servers lately but either there are very inactive, immature, or have server lag. So I decided to say screw it and have my own server.

    I've had quite a bit of experience running servers for friends both modded and vanilla but I wouldn't call myself a master at it, so in the beginning there may be a few growing pains but in the end I hope that I can create a server some good people and I can enjoy.

    I am hosting with FragNet and purchased a server for the next 3 months right off the bat to show that I am in this for the long haul and I am willing to invest some money into it. I am going to be accepting no more than 9 OTHER PEOPLE to play on this server with. If there are any problems with me or the other people on the server then you will be removed without questions asked, a lot of people want to come home after work or classes and enjoy their gaming, not have to deal with problems, and these are the people I want to play with.

    Here are the requirements to join, there aren't many but they are very important:
    • 21+ Only (No exceptions will be made)
    • Friendly and Helpful Attitude
    • Active or willing to communicate why you are not (We all have lives, and they are more important)
    As you can see I want a more mature group of people that just want to kick back and have fun. Family men and women with kids are more than welcome. I am personally a 23 y/o Electrical Engineering student and will be graduating in December and moving to Dallas where my job is located, I am taking very few hours this semester so I have quite a lot of free time to set up the server and run it.

    Server Specs:
    • 2 GB RAM
    • Shared Machine with Intel Xeon E3 Series CPU
    • Solid State Drive
    • Hosted in Dallas, Texas
    At this time the server is being set up by FragNet and should be ready soon, after it is up and running I will get the 1.7 pack on there and we can get going ASAP.

    With these specs we could have more people on the server but I want to keep lag down to a minimum and the community close, if these turn out not to be enough I would be willing to pitch in with another person or 2 and purchase a Virtual Dedicated Server or if we have more people willing a Full Dedicated Server.

    I also have purchased a 10 person TS3 server to go along with this. Once I have more details from FragNet I will let everyone know.

    If you've managed to read this far I assume you like the idea and are all for this type of community. Simply fill out this application at the bottom and I will review it and reply back with a personal message and we can talk more. Just because you were one of the first 10 to apply doesn't mean you will get in, I want this to be a good group of friends and you don't spend your own personal time with the first 10 people to say hello either. I don't mean to sound mean or strict, I just want to make a good server we can all enjoy, and if I worry now then I can relax later.

    In-game Name:
    Experience with FTB:
    A little about yourself:

    I look forward to meeting you all and get this server going!
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2014
  2. t_rsten

    t_rsten New Member

    Hello jpkline!

    This sounds awsome and im realy and im mean realy want to join you

    my ign: t_rsten
    my age is 24 soon to be 25
    My experience is allot, i have been a mod for one other server and i have tryed to start my own to. Im deep in some modds and some other like magic i have no clue!

    About my sellf it not mutch to say but i work as a chef one kid and singel :p

    look 4 you answer and i hope to se you ig
  3. opt_user

    opt_user New Member

    In-game Name: opt_user
    Age: 25
    Experience with FTB: i play since the first version
    A little about yourself:
    i like build plant base builds , i like group activities and adventures
  4. Ernst

    Ernst New Member

    In-game Name:Motocheat

    Experience with FTB: Got a decent amount of exsperience "2 year" and before that i did play tekkit. But with this new pack and all the update and changes i did struggle to getting started on my single player world. most techical mods i do master but when it comes to magical mods i barely do tuch it, simply becouse i don't belive in magic :p

    A little about yourself:
    Well i'm 24 from norway edicated chef and currenlty unemployd. love playing video games on my spare time and belive me i have more then enugth of that at the moment :p. other then that i don't know what i can say, i'm chill dude may joke around a bit but yeah. hope to hear from you :)
  5. DTFan666

    DTFan666 New Member

    In-game Name: DTFan666
    Experience with FTB: 2 years +
    A little about yourself:
    I like automation in Minecraft so naturally love modded Minecraft, I used to have my own ATL server so I know how to behave :)
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2014
  6. Dyna

    Dyna New Member

    hello :)

    In-game Name: dundyna

    Age: 26

    Experience with FTB: i've played on a couple of servers on and of since the beginning of 2013 i think, mostly on the direwolf 20 pack. But with the new changes to the pack i guess i'll have to do some research. I like to run around exploring and learn the different mods, digging holes and building stuff.

    A little about yourself: Im a social educator student from norway, going on my last year of school. when im not bussy with writing exams and studying, im playing minecraft or going out with my friends... i guess i dont have to say it. but since im a student, school will come before playing games. But i will still be pretty active if im accepted tho.

    lastly i'll just add that add that i've never been banned, i dont cheat, lie and steal. and i like to think that im a nice person :)
  7. CodaPDX

    CodaPDX New Member

    IGN: CodaPDX
    Age: 30

    Experience with FTB: I know my way around most of the major mods pretty well, but I specialize in Thaumcraft and Blood Magic. I'm also a pretty decent aesthetic builder. Some shots of my base on the previous server I played on:
    http://imgur.com/t9kO6dC http://imgur.com/wddwLW3 http://imgur.com/rZ2THQw I've been looking forward to giving 1.7 and all the new stuff a try.

    About myself: I'm an engineer IRL and like to play an hour or two a day to unwind after work. I don't really go in for pranking and such, but I do like collaborating on projects.
  8. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    In-game Name: Morathos
    Age: 40
    Experience with FTB: I've been playing MC since the alpha days, but ever since i tried out Buildcraft when it first came out i've been hooked on modded MC. And of course when FTB came out that made it very easy to try out new mods and packs.
    A little about yourself: Not really too much to say other than I am somewhat of a quiet and very mellow type of person. Currently live in TX, so this server would be great as I have been playing on server based in Germany lol.
  9. Dekutanoth

    Dekutanoth New Member

    In-game Name: Dekutanoth
    Age: 23
    Experience with FTB: Direwolf 1.6 fanatic. Due to many servers fading into disrepair, I've built up a base several times. I know how to reach late game fairly well.
    A little about yourself: There are two things I excel well at; the technical aspects (magic can also be very technical), and the social aspects. I love helping; one of my favorite things to do is build community machines and infrastructure to help newbies. I am also very friendly, and easy to get along with.

    Ps, willing to donate to a successful server if all goes well.
  10. ImOk

    ImOk New Member

    In-game Name: ImOk_RuOk
    Age: 35
    Experience with FTB: Since it's inception
    A little about yourself:
    Play minecraft for the technical aspect, love making redstone contraptions, hidden houses in plain sight. Have run a few servers myself and always like helping people out when they get stuck or just have general questions. Look forward to hearing from you, and hope to play with you all soon!
  11. Bainismyname

    Bainismyname New Member

    In-game Name:Bainismyname82
    Experience with FTB:
    Been playing FTB for at least the last 3 years. I have run several servers in the past but this time around I am looking to join a nice active group of mature players.
    A little about yourself: I have been interested in doing youtube videos and stream twitch for awhile but have never been in an active enough community for it. I have 3 Kids and a wife so I am not really a 24/7 player but I do try to play for at least an hour or so everyday and I work shorter days on Friday so I usually spend several hours playing then. I am looking forward to Joining and having a bit of fun!
  12. matagin

    matagin New Member

    For better performance, you should get a dedicated physical server from SoYouStart (branch of OVH) for around $50-$60/month. It will perform much better than a shared server or VPS.

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  13. xxrazorbeastxx

    xxrazorbeastxx New Member

    In-game Name: xxrazorbeastxx
    Age: 29
    Experience with FTB: 2 years
    A little about yourself: Not much to say, just a friendly guy looking for a mature group. The 21+ really attracted me to this server promotion. I've been playing alot of space engineers lately, but looking to get some ftb back in. I'm very interested in helping with any server projects that may happen.
  14. jpkline

    jpkline New Member

    We have our 10 members, if we open back up for more people to join or some people leave I will start this topic up again.
  15. DarkArvy

    DarkArvy New Member


    Ingame name: Nasalmirror1
    Age: 21
    Experience with ftb: I played all the ftb 1.6.4 Direwolf20 along with his SP series plus I played tekkit in the past. I know my way around pretty every mod in the pack but the newest ones like BM or botania.

    About myself I'm a student of electronic engineering, love playing video games in general and I'm really active mostly at evening/night during the week.
    The only problem is that I live in Italy so my time is waaay different then yours plus I could have lags at similia.. Although I'm willing to try and play with you anyway! Cheers
  16. Shadowquinn

    Shadowquinn New Member

    In-game Name: Shadowquinn1974
    Age: 40
    Experience with FTB: Been playing it since 1.2.5
    A little about yourself:
    Well to be honest I am just an old man that loves to play this game. Love to build, love to mine, love to meet and learn from others that are better.
  17. n_har

    n_har New Member

    In-game Name: n_har
    Age: 26
    Experience with FTB: Minecraft since beta and been playing ftb since about 1.5.8 probably earlier, don't remember. Big fan of IC2 and Thermal Expansion. Played a lot of Crash Landing and Agrarian Skies which was good fun. Really manipulating land and making floating islands for kicks and giggles.
    A little about yourself: Casual play about 3 times a week usually with imok_ruok. << lives close by. He said he got on your server and showed me what he started. Tired of playing on laggy servers that everyone is running ender/regular quarries and chunk loaders causing problems. I know you have your 10 names but...?

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