New here...But not too Gaming.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Skunkman001, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Skunkman001

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    The name is Pete the Skunkman aka Skunkman001.

    Got back into gaming several years ago.

    But my first gaming console I've played was my friends "Pong" gaming console...which was the first home gaming console...and beat the pants off after several games played.

    Note: I've been around since the beginning...gawd I'm old....
  2. Scottly318

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    Welcome... and you're not that old... 8-bit Nintendo is where I started
  3. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Welcome to the forums Pete.
  4. Skunkman001

    Skunkman001 Guest

  5. Skunkman001

    Skunkman001 Guest

    I'll be half a century old this year....
  6. Scottly318

    Scottly318 New Member

    Eh... you don't yet qualify to live in the place i work. Ain't old yet
  7. Eriam

    Eriam Guest

    Ha ha, maybe not quite as "old" but I did play a not maybe a 1st version of pong, but something pretty close on a home system. I wished I remembered what the system was, I only remember being before the Atari 2600. Not that I am dating myself or anything......
  8. Skunkman001

    Skunkman001 Guest

    I remember the first commercials for the 2600.
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  9. DeathOfTime

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    i really liked the atari. first console my parents every bought. They bought lots of games for it. I really enjoyed pole position, and E.T.. Though Pac-Man was easily the familes favorite game. We preferred the one ghost difficulty. We played plenty of others. Indiana Jones, that tazmania game. I think we still have a few dozen of the cartridges laying around. Maybe even a system. Not certain though. We keep losing track of stuff among all the clutter. I just found our nes, snes, genises, n64, and playstaion games last year. Along with some of the consoles. Was suprised the snes still worked. The conrollers are barely functional, and the power cord has the usually issue with needing bent a certain way. Still it works. The mario64 cartridges saves were still there as well. so used to batteries dying. at least the snes and nes tended to use save codes in a lot of games.

    I barely game any more. Lost my dreams. Can't really seam to get interested in much any more. So things like movies, books, games, daydreaming pretty much don't interest me any. Minecraft is the only thing left I have interest in. I keep wanting to get back into real life. I know its fascinating and there are all the possibilities associated with it. Still, just like everything else, I just can't get interested in playing it.

    Glad to have read this thread. Fiction is a wonderful thing. From Alan Dean Foster to Atari. Its all great stuff. Thanks for having started this.

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