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Whitelist Server New Crazycraft | Ultimate 1.0.1 | 20 Slots | EU | 16+

Discussion in 'Ultimate' started by Nathie1000, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Nathie1000

    Nathie1000 New Member

    We have moved on please see our new thread:

    New Crazycraft
    Our last server went down because the server owner refused to pay any longer, so a friend and i decided to take it over.

    No Griefing/Cheating/Hacks/Overuse exploit
    No punching other players
    One Mystcraft age per person*
    One Mob spawner per person**
    Born before 1997
    Applying normal code of conduct

    *To make sure the server is not over spammed with ages.
    **To make sure the server is not over spammed with mobs.

    The are no banned item. But for the sake of the gameplay and the sake of lag, we ask you to restrain from using any exploits.

    Server owner: deablo
    Admin(s): nathie1000

    Note: we are using Ultimate 1.0.1 !!!
    The server will not be updated until the modpack for minecraft 1.6 is released. So you don't have to worry map resets for a while.

    Server: Private Machine
    IP: newcrazycraft.airdev.nl (
    Location: Netherlands
    RAM: 4GB
    Storage: SSD
    Speed: 120 Mbit/s up, Fiberoptic

    Why would we want you?:

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me on skype (Nathie1000).
  2. J_B_der_Held

    J_B_der_Held New Member

    IGN: J_B_der_Held
    Age: 19
    Country: Germany
    Why would we want you?:
    I think I'm at least someone who can build nice and has a lot experience with the mods.​
    I am friendly and willing to help at all as long as it is not complete nonsense.​
    And at the moment I prefer to build steampunk what goes well with all the technology mods.​

    And I have a question if anyone can have one mystkraft age it is possibible a age is unstabel or not good.
    So Is there a possibility to get a new?
  3. chilledchaos924

    chilledchaos924 New Member

    Why would we want you?: i am experienced with most of the mods and i play alot and like playing with the community.
  4. joostan1234

    joostan1234 New Member

    IGN: Joostan1234
    Age: 21
    Country: Canada
    Why would we want you?: I like to help out other people as much as i can, I am pretty friendly and i am looking for a small server, i know alot of the mods and i try to play as much as i possibly can
  5. Nathie1000

    Nathie1000 New Member

    Unfortunately this server no longer exists. However we have moved on to the Unhinged pack (same ip) on which you are welcome.
  6. joostan1234

    joostan1234 New Member

    Is the new server whitelisted or no?
  7. vipeyy

    vipeyy New Member

    IGN: vipeyy
    Age: 24
    Country: netherlands
    Why would we want you?: im a good big builder and alot of experience with mods
  8. Nathie1000

    Nathie1000 New Member

  9. Papupata100

    Papupata100 New Member

    IGN: Papupata100
    Age: 13
    Country: Finland
    Time Zone: GMT+2
    How often will you play? I play almost every day so I'm active :D
    Skype? Papupata100
    Have you ever been banned? Why? No because I read rules and I'm Mod at one Finland server :)
    My Gmail: [email protected]

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