Open Nether not a Void in update 3.0.9

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  1. iShortnSweet

    iShortnSweet Guest

    Summary of the problem Nether not a Void in update 3.0.9

    Pack Version

    What is the bug? I made a nether portal an when through it an i was not a void

    Mod & Version none

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable?

    Known Fix
  2. lordtazan56

    lordtazan56 Guest

    I too made a portal in SF3.0.9 and it wasn't a void nether.
  3. CF Worthy

    CF Worthy Guest

    I've also noticed this... chunks that I had already loaded were still void, but looking around the rest of the nether, it's no longer a void throughout.
  4. Veylenn

    Veylenn Guest

    I'm getting the same problem on 3.0.9 (using server)
  5. Hagnkerchief

    Hagnkerchief Guest

    Nether was not a void in both 3.0.9 and 3.0.10, reinstalled and repeated.

    EDIT: The Sky factory subreddit helped out, found that the Natura config has a nether override set to true. Change it to false and your nether will generate as void properly.
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  6. CF Worthy

    CF Worthy Guest

    Mind telling us how to find this "config" for Natura? For whatever reason the only place I can find a config button is in the MAIN MENU under MOD OPTIONS... though this button has remained grey'd out every time I try to use it.

    I appreciate any help you can provide!
  7. Hagnkerchief

    Hagnkerchief Guest

    I edited the actual text config file for Natura in the Minecraft Instance folder.

    You just need to:
    1) Find where your instance of Sky Factory 3 is installed
    2) Go into the "config" folder
    3) Locate and open "natura.cfg"
    4) Replace """ B:"Override Nether"=true """ with """ B:"Override Nether"=false """

    Now when you generate new nether chunks they should be void. Hope you brought your flight of choice!
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  8. TheMadCat

    TheMadCat Guest

    If you want convert all the chunks or selected ones to void use MCEdit. Luckly for me I only had few chunks I wanted to keep, so it was simple to due.

    Make a backup of the world BEFORE using MCEdit!
  9. sugnaangus

    sugnaangus Guest

    I too have the same issue. Does changing the natura config still allow nether fortresses to spawn?
  10. fifthorseman

    fifthorseman Guest

    how do you edit the line? Thats the only part im stuck on
  11. CF Worthy

    CF Worthy Guest

    @sugnaangus the fortresses will spawn as normal.

    @fifthorseman the file we're talking about is a normal text document. You would simply find the line of code and change the text from "true" to "false", then be sure to save the document. Same name, same location.
  12. xaviara

    xaviara Guest

    hi, playing on version 3.0.15 and when i enter the nether it says i`m in hell. i also checked zhe natura config and there it already says "Override Nether"=false ". is there a way to fix it?

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