Need building advice/suggestions.


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Jul 29, 2019
I'm pretty picky when it comes to my world/seeds so it always takes me awhile and a couple world resets to find the perfect world, and this time I have found a decent world but I'm just not quite sure what direction/theme to take the build and use the environment to its full potential. Here's some screenshots of where I want to make my base and the surrounding area.

I'm a fairly decent builder but when I'm up against terrain that has so much potential and complexity I'm sorta just in awe and am having a pretty rough creative block when coming up with ways of building here that utilize all the terrain has to offer.

Also fyi I'm playing on FTB Revelations version 1.6.0 seed:-1570782432 World type: Realistic

Open to any suggestions, advice or inspiration for the build/area, thanks.


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Dec 8, 2012
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Oh wow, now THAT's a majestic view...

My ideas immediately:

* Start off with noob-house on top of the mass. Initially run scaffolding down (maybe wooden fences to denote posts with cobblestone or wood stairs, in a switchback configuration?) down to ground level, then into the ground itself as your initial mineshaft. Probably better to build the scaffolding from the ground up than the other way around.

* Stone brick of various types and plenty of glass sets up a wall-off to turn the whole thing into an enormous castle, with several layers along the way, at least one 'observation deck' with a huge glass pane window, with a door and a deck...

* The key here is to remove as little material as possible, incorporate your building into the existing structure and let the existing structure give you the basic outline for the installation/fortification. You'll see a brick wall spanning from stone and dirt to stone and dirt going both directions.

* Top floor is agricultural, with sheep and cow pens, crops growing, that sort of thing. And left very open-air and decentralized. Keep, but upgrade, your noob hut into a 'quaint little cottage', for when you feel the need to relax for a bit in a less industrial place than the bowels of your complex.

* Turn the lake into a water-garden. Use sunken glowstone under the water to provide ambient light. Add in various plants, make yourself a veritable Xanadu. Make sure you don't block the river's inflow as it cascades down the mountainside that you keep pristine and untouched to give yourself something to gaze upon from your rooftop cottage. Maybe a few Immersive Engineering water wheels on the river to give it a rustic look.

* All of your tech can be buried within the bowels of your installation, either at ground level, or at Y10, depending on how you want to handle it.

* Check to see if any of the top of the formation areas has any Astral Sorcery condensed starlight patches. If so, your AS altar goes there. Plan it out ahead of time, build it up as a marble temple worthy of the Greek architects, something which rivals even the Parthenon, with Beacons planted at four corners to provide a majestic structure which the whole world seems to be able to see.


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Jul 27, 2013
I'm partial to suspended structures partially sunk into the mountainside, or free dangling, but connected to the structure. Stair wells cut into the mountain side with the exterior wall turned into glass so you can look out as you go up and down between levels. Should look like an Ant Farm from the outside.
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Jul 29, 2019
That is a unique world gen for sure. A dwarvern-tech theme comes to mind for me. Think dwarves who are attempting to move out of the mountains but arent brave enough yet.