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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by bhblacky, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. bhblacky

    bhblacky Member

    hi guys,

    i'm experimenting with mystcraft ages, to generate a temporary zone until the other mods are out.
    does someone know how and where to diasble the negative aspects in the age generation and whether this is only a serverside option and the clients doesn't need to do it as well?

    or is there a special trick to create fully stable ones?
    i think i created two good ones, but i cannot check whether the ore generation is normal too "its supposed to be a mining age"

    regards, blacky
  2. sciguyryan

    sciguyryan Well-Known Member

    Hey there.

    MystCraft is an awesome mod. You can disable the instabilities per world or globally via the config file. I believe this would have to be done on the server but I am unsure if the client would need modification also (my guess would be no but it is always better to be safe than sorry).

    The option you want to disable this globally is in the mystcraft_config.txt file. Modify this line:

    There are tips to writing stable ages. Things like the dense ores and accelerated symbols will add instability while adding charged and random explosions for example will reduce it (imagine it like a global balance counter behind the scenes). Instability also comes from now following the rules when creating your age. For example if you set an age to have single biomes and then you select two that will cause instability.

    More details on the specific use of the symbols can, of course, be found on the MystCraft wiki :)
  3. bhblacky

    bhblacky Member

    wow, thanks a lot sciguyryan

    i think i didn't researched dense ores right now, but i already have charged. i really like mystcraft - it's an interesting thing.
    i am just a bit worried what will happen to the webspace and ram, when you explore a lot (20-50) different worlds, maybe we will never visit again and the description book are already deleted, but it will still use space and maybe it will be loaded in a special way at startup?
  4. ninta

    ninta New Member

    i think that the loading at startup was fixed some time ago. if you dont need certain ages anymore and theres no way to go there either you can delete thier folders.
  5. sciguyryan

    sciguyryan Well-Known Member

    It will indeed use space per age (not much unless you to mad exploring all of the ages you create) but as ninta said, you can delete the folders of the ages you do not need after they have been created. As long as the book exists the age can be recreated but the data that was in the world will, of course, be gone if you delete it in that manor.
  6. bhblacky

    bhblacky Member

    jep, i definitly should have wrote down the age numbers ;) so i would now, which nr i shouldnt delete and are renamed ;)
  7. Vauthil

    Vauthil Professional Lurker Retired Staff

    If you make the Link Modifier (aka "debug") block and pop the descriptive book into there, you can see the age number there.
  8. bhblacky

    bhblacky Member

    good idea, i think i just visit my 2 active worlds and delete then the ones, which have not updated in ftp. (file date)

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