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Discussion in 'Art, Media and Design' started by Jus2beast, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast Well-Known Member

    Hey guys Il be posting some of my Photoshop works here :).



    ^ this one was incomplete, the guys who asked for it never responded ;(
    ^ youtube banner


    And finally my favourite

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  2. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    You do requests?

    Could you do one for me, involving Axton the commando from borderlands 2, and my nqme as The J?
  3. Jus2beast

    Jus2beast Well-Known Member

    Uhm, sure I can try on the weekend when I am free. Got any specific size/colour scheme you would like?
  4. the_j485

    the_j485 King of the Wicked

    Just a similar size to my phoenix team banner would be great.
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  5. HeilMewTwo

    HeilMewTwo Too Much Free Time

    I would love a Mewtwo one. :p
  6. le van toan

    le van toan New Member

    photoshop là 1 công cụ đồ sộ .sử dụng không hết chức năng nổi .đúng là phần mềm tuyệt vời
  7. ChristineB

    ChristineB New Member

    wow. They do look pretty good. Congrats!
  8. maxlee93

    maxlee93 New Member

    I like the goku one

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