Most/least efficient block(s) for 1.6.4 item automation ?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by MigukNamja, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Peppe

    Peppe Well-Known Member

    Not sure if it is hoppers or gregtech :p

    Have EVOC installed.

    Test setup (Creative chest -> transfer method -> centrifuge -> transfer method -> trash can:


    Edit: Ran a few more iterations and performance of the hopper only seems to tank when it is full and trying to dump into the centrifuge. Subbing out other mod machines and setting up the same hopper bottleneck does not have the same performance issue.

    Not sure if it is gregtech machines or just the centrifuge and an odd interaction... tested some other GT machines and they don't have quite the performance spike. testing furnaces fully backed up the hoppers consumed on the vanilla furnace 2 micro seconds?, TE furnace 1, and greg E furnace 10 whatever units, IC2 furnace 3.9...
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  2. Peppe

    Peppe Well-Known Member

    Just doing some testing:

    Extra utilities without upgrades is very good and idles well -- would use in place of a hopper. But with upgrades it is very bad with 8 or more speed.

    I think the TE transport is handled in in grid tick handler, but it is hard to monitor as even without any TE items in the world the handler seemed to tick for 5-10 micro seconds. Adding conduits did not seem to affect that, so it either scales well or the performance is coming from somewhere else.

    Ender IO seems similair to TE and has kinda a flat baseline once one conduit exists in the world. Adding more does not scale up what it consumes much or at all at least in small tests.

    Throughput wise Ender IO Empowered conduit is ~6 stacks a second with very low impact on the server.
    To match that speed:
    in TE is ~6 servo enabled item ducts set to a stack no real impact on performance I could tell.
    in extra utilities transfer node it is 127 speed upgrades and crippling performance.

    One TE itemduct in stack mode ~= extrautilities transfer node with 20 upgrades.

    I would probably push people toward TE or Ender IO on a server and disable extra utilities upgrades unless it has a config option to keep the upgrades from stacking or going above 7.
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  3. 1SDAN

    1SDAN Popular Member

    I've been searching all throughout Google and I can't seem to find any permissions on this EVOC, I would love to include it in my modpack but I don't know Prof Mobius' stances on them. Help?
  4. madnewmy

    madnewmy Well-Known Member

    Exu is insant once it finds an inventory (it has a delay to find the inventory)

    Sfm is instant
  5. rhn

    rhn Too Much Free Time

    Couldent you replace the functionality of the hoppers almost directly with a Factorization Router? With the right filters/upgrades you can make them extract from very specific inventories/slots only and then eject into whatever adjacent machine.

    Using them in great quantity and never noticed them come up on Opis measurements.
    You just have to get used to the chicken noises they make for some odd reason :p
  6. immibis

    immibis Forum Addict Mod Developer

    They will try to move an item every tick. Then, if they succeed, they won't try again for another 9 (IIRC) ticks.

    The other thing about hoppers is that they have five slots. So they try five times - once with the items in each slot.
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  7. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja Forum Addict

    Thanks, Immibis. 2 items per second seems about right. Definitely not coded efficiently. Trying once every 10 ticks would be 10x more efficient.

    Since replacing most of the hoppers with pipes and JABBA barrels w/hopper upgrades, server CPU usage is down.

    @Peppe - Great work and analysis, sir.
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  8. Queue

    Queue Well-Known Member

    Just back to the original question, I have found Gregtech pipes to work the best. Also the ic2 electric sorter is surprisingly efficient and can be used like a hopper- ish
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