Mods themed around Automation with a cost/thought

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Jul 29, 2019
Looking for mods that encourage the idea that automation should take some effort.

Also looking for some that might have some fun things to do end game/when you need a change of pace.

I haven't played modded Minecraft in a year+, but saw some videos on immersive engineering + buildcraft 7 robots and felt the itch.

Looking to build a personal single player pack around the idea that buildcraft robots are the gold standard for effort to build and run. To automate a farm you need multiple robots, tools that they use/consume, and they do their action in a clear way.

For storage/auto crafting I do not want AE. Unless 2.0 is different I felt 1.0 solved all my problems without much thought on my end. For storage/crafting thinking the built in stuff from buildcraft/other mods included already and mainly logistics pipes, Ironchests, and JABBA barrels.

I also want to avoid teleportation mechanics like Ender Chests and Tesseracts. I think easy teleportation reduces creativity. I was think enhanced portals and railcraft for distance transport -- never used enhanced portals, so no idea if it can teleport trains across portals (should be a vanilla mechanic on at least nether portals).

Buildcraft -- Robots and the quarry meet my criteria.
Forestry -- Auto Farm disabled, just a compliment to buildcraft
Immersive Engineering -- the machines look like they take some thought to get the most out of and has RF storage I'll need with no TE. Seems like a complimentary mod to Buildcraft and railcraft.
Tinkers Construct -- Ore smelting/doubling + tools
Railcraft -- for long distance transport
*Botania -- never used it, but seems to fit the concept of automation that is a little more involved.
*Thaumcraft -- love golems mainly, but other stuff can fill in gaps.

*These last two mainly to give an alternate to robots if I am not feeling the tech mods that day.

Just odds and ends:
Extra Utilities, Refined Relocation (heard great things about it), Open Blocks, Simply Jetpacks, Project Red -- just the redstone bits, and wireless redstone

Ticon Mechworks, Thaumic -- Forbidden Magic, Automagy, Tinkerer and maybe Expansion.

NEI + add-ons and whatnot basically all the useful non content mods.

Wasn't planning on extra bees, but if that mod updates for forestry 4.0 might consider it. I'll have to see how bees have changed. Right now I think there is no path to infinite resources, which to me is good.

Forbidden magic adds mob spawners, but it looked like they took some effort to get and slow to produce mobs. If that mechanic can be balanced the video I saw on it looked better than soul shards/MFR machines.

Using Thermal Foundation for world gen.

Not sure I have anything for Adventure/end game though. I know Thaumic Tinkerer and Extra utilities add a dimension, maybe twilight forest, or RF Tools for mystcraft like dimension creation could compliment this core?

Seen a little bit of Draconian Evolution maybe the capstone mod end game goal?


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Oct 4, 2014
AE2 is not the same as AE1. Channels make network management more challenging once you get past around 8 machines. (arguably 8 or less machines are simpler to set up now than in AE1 though). It does still have a Quantum Network Bridge available. I still find it's automation capability lacking, one reason I tend to prefer Logistics pipes.

The closest mod I can think of to your description is Botania imo, especially without other mods in the picture. It doesn't provide simple magic box solutions. It provides a bunch of tools to use and lets you fit them together in order to make things happen. Many things can be done with the tools it provides, including things like tree farms.