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Discussion in 'Wiki' started by Padfoote, Jun 30, 2015.

  1. Padfoote

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    I opened the 1.7.10 pack list on my phone to check something and discovered that I can't see over half the listing. It has the grid shifted off the standard white background, making it extremely difficult to read the text. Discovered this on an HTC One M8 running the latest Firefox.


    Edit: I just realized how massive that picture is when not viewing on mobile. Tossed it into a spoiler.
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  2. SatanicSanta

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    I'm not entirely sure how, but I think our best solution would be to make tables scrollable on mobile. @cblair91 cqn you do this?

    Paddie, for now when viewing large tables like this, just switch to desktop view at the bottom. Thanks for pointing it out!
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  3. cblair91

    cblair91 New Member

    I believe I can fix this. Adding to my big list of things to do before tonight <3 Also on that note, I REALLY need to do a massive overhaul on the mobile skin itself. Perhaps @xbony2 can remind me in IRC some point.
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