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  1. It would be nice if you guys went through and put a minimum RAM recommendation on all/most of your more popular packs. Something like that would help out a lot of players (like me for example) who have low-end computers, are interested in FTB modpacks, and want to know RAM usage. Thank you.
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    A rule of thumb is:

    For 1.7.10-packs and older 2,5-4gb is enough
    For 1.10-packs and later 4-6gb is enough

    For those that doesn't have that much on their hardware, remember to leave some for the OS and other applications - as in - do not allocate all available ram to the game.

    For those that have plenty of ram to spare - allocating very much doesn't equal that the game runs better, too much will cause issues with lag spikes etc.

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