Modpack Idea: FTB Insanity


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Jul 29, 2019
Alright ladies and gentlemen, I would like to propose a modpack design to replace and possibly surpass the infamy modpack. I present to you the concept of Insanity, since you are basically doing the same thing over and over again. this is a semi-warfare oriented pack concept, but without the guns but more oriented towards items that you would naturally stumble upon in feed the beast.

  1. All the appropriate cores/
  2. Alternate terrain generation
  3. Applied Energestics
  4. another one bites the dust
  5. Big Reactors
  6. Blood Magic
  7. Blood utilities
  8. Better Storage
  9. Buildcraft
  10. Botania
  11. Biomes o plenty
  12. Carpenters Blocks (waiting on update0
  13. Chisel
  14. Ex Nihlo
  15. Ex Aquila (Waiting on update
  16. Enhanced Portals
  17. Extra Utilies
  18. Ender Storage
  19. Enviromine
  20. Forbidden Magic
  21. Gany's Mods (Nether, End)
  22. Gravestone mod
  23. Hunger Overhaul
  24. ICBM (waiting on updates)
  25. Iguanatweaks (waiting on updates)
  26. Inventory tweak
  27. JABBA
  28. Journey map
  29. Jammy's furniture mod (Waiting on updates)
  30. Mekanism (waiting on updates)
  31. Minefactory Reloaded
  32. Minechem
  33. Minetweaker (for some certain recipes such as ICBM's recipes which could be toned down severely)
  34. Minecraft comes alive
  35. Nether ores
  36. Numina
  37. Natura
  38. NEI
  39. Not enough Keys
  40. Pam's Harvestcraft
  41. Pam's Clay gen
  42. Rei's Minimap
  43. Redstone Arsenal
  44. Roguelike Dungeons
  45. Solar Flux
  46. Soul shards reborn
  47. Special Mobs
  48. The Spice of Life
  49. Tinker's Construct
  50. Tinker's Mechworks
  51. Tinker's Steelworks
  52. Thermal expansion
  53. Thaumcraft 4
  54. Thaumic Tinkerer
  55. Technomancy
  56. Torch Levers
  57. WItchery
  58. Waila
  59. Underground biomes
  60. Zombie Awareness
Thank you Rushmead for developing htis pack so far

this is for you willing to be brave and download the launcher, be wary, the Insanity Pack is Bit of challenge in terms of surviving. How far can you go?
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Jul 29, 2019
i wouldnt mind helping either we can work together if you like just msg me!
Also what version of mc?

Well get a hold of Rushmead since he head developer and we actually have working version up so get a hold of him though we are still waiting on some mods to update.