Mod Update: Lycanites Mobs

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Jul 29, 2019
Lycanites Mobs

Configs older than will be reset!

New Rare Subspecies: The first rare subspecies has been added (all other subspecies are just uncommon), the Celestial Geonach! This is incredibly rare and also very dangerous, beware!

Familiars Added: The entire base code and GUI for familiars has been added, this does nothing at all so far, unless you're me! :D I'm not too sure what plans I have for familiars yet but donaters and patrons will have their own familiars in future updates. These base code also covers a lot of work required for Pet/Mount storage too!

Config Change: Light and Dark spawn conditions for mobs are now configurable.

Config Change: Subspecies and Random Sizes can now be disabled via the config, this wont affect mobs that have already spawned however.

Improvement: Krampus has come to join the winter celebrations! Additional, larger presents may drop on December 25th! Hoo hoo hoo!

Improvement: Summoned Grue minions no longer burn in the sun.

Improvement: Concapedes can now spawn in the dark which means you may find them underground in jungle biomes too. (Don't fear, the Concapede insane spawning bug was fixed long ago and wont be coming back).

Balancing: Spriggans now heal for 50% of the damage they deal, down from 100%.

Bug Fix: Beholders should now obey their masters, instead of killing them!

Bug Fix: Spriggan minions set to aggressive should now target threats and attack instead of just floating around!

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