Mod Update: Framez 0.2-12 Beta


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Jul 29, 2019
Framez 0.2-12 Beta

  • Fixed bug where TileEntities would get "overclocked" when moved
  • Added the BloodMotor
  • Added motor placement modifiers
  • Made motor rotation serverside-only
  • Added support for ComputerCraft and OpenComputers (motors are now peripherals!)
  • Made moving blocks unbreakable
  • Fixed blocks not being correctly invalidated/validated
  • Fixed moving blocks disappearing when leaving the world and joining again
  • Added motor core and redid all the recipes
  • Added face blocking to frames if a cover cannot be placed on that face
  • Added AE2 motor
  • Tweaked world time handling. Timers should now be able to run while being moved
  • Added support for BuildCraft gates (6.1.5 and up)
  • Fixed blocks (like motors) not being correctly placed on frames
  • Added the ability to configure power ratios
  • Added a Maven repo! (Not really important for players but a nice feature for other devs to use :D)
  • Fixed motors spamming update packets
  • Fixed rendering glitchyness with microblocks
  • Added logo
  • And the most important... released beta \o/

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