Mod Update: Botania r1.3-146

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Jul 29, 2019
Botania r1.3-146

R1.3 146
  • Added some christmas spark. ARE YOU JINGLING YOUR BELLS YET?!
  • Fixed a major dupe with the Assembly Halo where right clicking a recipe would allow for more than one item to be crafted at once using only one set of resources.
  • Fixed the render for the flowers not randomizing the position in the Z axis like vanilla flowers do. It still randomizes in the Y axis unlike vanilla flowers because I think it looks good.
  • Sparks now properly check against how much space is left on the target block and don't try to put in more mana than available, actually making spark networks viable. You can all point and laugh now.
  • The Assembly Halo is now more forceful with checking the validity of a recipe. It can no longer craft recipes purely from memory (and allowing as a way to craft things that have been changed since)
  • The Mana Mirror now checks for the pool on update and has a backlog for calls inbetween. It also works cross dimension a lot better.
  • [API] Added getAvailableSpaceForMana() to ISparkAttachable. This is very important and breaks backwards compatibility. If anyone is using that interface please adapt ASAP.
  • [API] Increased version number to 28.

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