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Jul 29, 2019
This list will need updating so if you find someone I have missed, let me know. Need the twitter account and the mod and some form of proof it belongs to the dev in questions. We're probably going to keep this to Mod devs in the FTB created packs for now.

Dries007 made this into a nice neat spreadsheet go here : Organized List

Adubbz - Biomes O Plenty
mDiyo - Tinker's Construct
Sunstrike - Tinker's Construct
Machine Muse - Modular Power Suits
Minalien - MFFS Classic
RWtema - Extra Utilities
Myrathi - Obsidiplats, Charge Pads and a bunch of others
AbrarSyed - Forge Essentials and Forge
Forstride - Biomes O Plenty
WayofTime - Blood Magic
MysteriousAges - Magic Bees
Binnie - Extra Bees
iChun - Morph, Portal Gun , others
CovertJaguar - Railcraft and Buildcraft
denoflions - Plugins for Forestry
x3n0ph0b3 - Creator of EE and Reliquary
SirSengir - Forestry
Krapht - Creator of Logipipes and a maintainer or Buildcraft
Cloudhunter - Computercraft
VSWE - Steve's Carts
Shadwdragon - Forge Irc, Soul Shards
Soaryn - XyCraft
AtomicStryker - Infernal Mobs, Ruins, lots of others
Searge - MCP and now Mojang
Cpw - Iron Chests, Compact Solars , Forge
XcompWiz - Mystcraft
LexManos - Forge
Pahimar - Creator of EE3
ChickenBones - NEI , Multipart, way too many credits
Dan200 - Computercraft, qcraft
Amnet - Biomes O Plenty
TeamCofh - Thermal Expansion and Omnitools
KingLemming - Thermal Expansion and Omnitools
Cynycal - Thermal Expansion and Omnitools
Calclavia - MFFS Calclavia, Universal Electricity
RichardG - IC2 , Misc Peripherals
Progwml6 - TInker's Construst
MikeeMoo - Open Blocks , Open Peripherals
Vazkii - Thaumic Tinkerer
MightyPork - Powercraft, backpacks
Quetzi - Morpheus
r4wk - MCP, Techne
freyja - Enchanting Plus, Agriculture
skyboy - Maintainer of Mine Factory Reloaded
blackdew - NEI Addons
Mithion - ArsMagica
Benimatic - Twilight Forest
Divine RPG - Divine RPG
Zeldo - Thermal Expansion
@clay_corp - Nucleum-Omnium
Andrew2448 - ModularPowersuits/ModularPowersuitsAddons
Eydamos - Backpacks
@driesk007 - Nucleum-Omnium
@Morton00000 - Nucleum-Omnium
ShadowsCaptain - Nucleum-Omnium
ExtraBiomesXL - Extra Biomes XL
TT-repo - Thaumic Tinkerer
Mister Fibre - Extra BiomesXL
MatrexsVigil - HarvestCraft
Joshie - Mariculture
Emasher - Engineer's Toolbox
CrazyPants - Ender IO
FyberOptic - HopperDucts
dmillerw - Remote IO
asie - Endernet
Talinu - Advanced Power Management
Pantheis - Advanced Power Management
SirusKing - IC2 Textures
Shadowclaimer - Mettallugry, Agriculture and Aquaculture
Alz - Enhanced Portals 3
Father Toast - Deadly World, Special Mobs, Lava Monsters etc
Doc Redstone - Dynamic Tanks
Copy Girl - Better Storage
Azanor - Thaumcraft
Pokefenn - Totemic
TropicraftDev - Tropicraft
CyanideX - Mod texture artist
AEnterprise - Buildcraft Additions
Drullkus : Thaumic Integration
Xbony2 : Nuclear Control
TheErebusDev: Erebus
jakimfett : MineChem

I'm sure I have missed people. Just post a twitter link and some link showing its a mod dev in an FTB pack and I'll get them added.
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Jul 29, 2019
Neat thread - favorite'd
Missing quite a few-I'm sure nobody minds :)
I have to find them first , and a couple prefer to be anonymous-ish. I just think it would be nice if people could find them to thank them for their hard work :)


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Jul 29, 2019
Oh my goodness, thank youuuu Jaded :D
I've actually wanted this for some time. Following everybody through Dire was just taking too long.


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Mar 24, 2013
I'd rather to order developers (and their helpers?) by mods in alphabetical order. Pretty sure I will do that tomorrow.
Nice idea, jaded