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    Hey guys, so it has come to my attention that there are people out there who want to get into mod pack development, but have no idea how to use Minetweaker and Modtweaker. So I come to them with this thread. Every few days I will be uploading a new video on Modtweaker (first video will be Minetweaker) and how to use it to add/remove recipes to mods that Modtweaker supports.
    Obviously, I am no expert, I didn't write the code, so in my videos I may miss something, or skip over other things (such as NBT tags, I may come back to them at a later date), so if you watch a video and see that I skip over something/miss something, please do comment and say so, also I will say in the videos if I don't know something, and if you watching this know what it is I don't, please do comment either on this thread or the videos with the correct code. Let's try and get some balanced mod packs out there!

    Currently covered mods:
    Vanilla - Shapeless crafting (add/remove recipes), Shaped crafting (add/remove), Furnace (add/remove), Furnace fuel (add/remove)
    Blood Magic - Altar (add/remove recipes), Alchemic Chemistry Set (add/remove), Ritual of Binding (add... and sorta remove)
    Ex Nihilo - Sieve (add/remove), Hammer (remove), Crucible (add)
    Thermal Expansion: Pulverizer, Indunction Smelter(may not be available), Redstone Furnace
    Mekanism: Metallurgic Infuser, Crusher, Osmium Compressor
    Tinkers' Construct: Drying rack, Smeltery
    Thaumcraft: Infusion Crafting, Arcane Worktable, Thaumonomicon Entries - New tab, new page, new research
    PneumaticCraft: Pressure Chamber

    Not uploaded, but covered:

    Planned, but not recorded:

    Suggested mods, not 100% certain on yet:
    Whenever you guys ask :)

    Episode 1 - Minetweaker - Vanilla Stuff

    Important notes/extra info:
    For the use of damaged items (in the case of the video) do this:
    val shears = <minecraft:shears:*>;
    recipes.addShapeless(<minecraft:string> * 4,[wool,shears.transformDamage()]);

    Episode 2 - Modtweaker - Blood Magic and Ex Nihilo

    Important notes/extra info:
    Nothing yet

    Episode 3 - PneumaticCraft, Tinkers' Construct, Mekanism and Thermal Expansion

    Episode 4 - Thaumcraft

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated, as I said this is supposed to benefit the community, so if there is anything I missed please do tell me, so I can make sure that people who watch these as their main way of learning understand, know how to do the other stuff I miss.

    Just for those wondering why I am doing this:
    Some people can't read that well, and text based tutorials, which is what Minetweaker and Modtweaker offer, sometime cannot help those who have difficulty reading, and therefore a video based tutorial can be more helpful.
    Also, I find video based tutorials better. This is because I can follow along at my own speed, do as they do, tinker as they tinker, and providing the person doing the tutorial explains things, at least a little bit, it is easy to see where you go wrong.
    Another thing I do is tend not to cut out derps in my videos, this is so those who are watching can see troubleshooting in action, as I sometimes spend 10 minutes looking for a blatantly obvious problem, but once you see someone else do find an issue, you will see how they troubleshoot, and maybe do it yourself.

    And the final reason as to why I am posting it here. A few people on the FTB forums seem to have issues with Minetweaker, and Modtweaker, so it's a good idea to post the videos where they will see them :)
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  3. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    Added the video :)

    Episode 2 will be up either tomorrow or Saturday... depends when I get around to doing the next episode :p
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  5. jordsta95

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  6. madnewmy

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    Me likey the idea :p
    Plus i am stuck on a crash with modtweaker because of a mekanism recipe xd
  7. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    You wanna post the error now, and I'll looky at it?
    Also, could you post which version of ModTweaker you are using?
  8. madnewmy

    madnewmy New Member

    Humm wont have acces to my comp for another 5 hours :p ill private message you with it.

    Using the latest of mine and mod tweaker :)
  9. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    Are you using the dev build of Modtweaker or the one linked on the forum (0.5d)? (If you know) As 0.5d seems to be a buggy mother- and doesn't even want to load :p
  10. Golrith

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    0.5d works fine, as long as you use an older version of Minetweaker (3.0.6)
  11. jordsta95

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    :O Well I don't like using older versions of mods (assuming the latest version is a stable release) because usually the newer version is there for a reason ;)
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    Here's a fun topic for your Thermal Expansion vid: Editing the recipe for machines while still including the Signalium Lock recipe.
  13. Drcake90

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    Hey this is great what you are doing also because i just started to learn about minetweaker which is a great mod.
    I am currently playing around with ModTweaker and i have been having trouble with it.I am using FTB Monster which is 1.6.4 and using MineT 2.3.1, ModT .3 I know you are not using these versions but to be honest i cant find a solution anywhere.
    i have been able to change/remove simple recipes
    I am particularly interested in Tinkers construct recipes mainly the melting one.

    do i just simply add the command to my main.cfg ?? or does ModT have a seperate folder?

    these are the wiki input descriptions and example
    //InputStack, OutputFluid, Temperature(max 800), BlockToLookLike* (Optional)
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<minecraft:dirt>, <liquid:dirt> * 1000, 200, <minecraft:dirt>);

    just as a test i want to turn dirt into molten alumite
    and this is what i have been trying separately none worked

    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<minecraft:dirt>, <liquid:alumite.molten> * 1000, 200, <minecraft:dirt>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<3>, <3211> * 1000, 200, <3>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<minecraft:3>, <liquid:3211> * 1000, 200, <minecraft:3>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<tile.dirt>, <fluid.alumite.molten> * 1000, 200, <tile.dirt>);
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<minecraft:tile.dirt>, <liquid:fluid.alumite.molten> * 1000, 200, <minecraft:tile.dirt>);

    any help would be great, even if just a link to a good guide on 1.6.4 ModTweaker would help tremendously
    any way if i find the solution i will post it here just to let people know how to do it
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  14. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    I am not 100% on this, but I would assume that the fluid would be <liquid:alumite>

    so you'd do:
    mods.tconstruct.Smeltery.addMelting(<3>, <liquid:alumite> * 1000, 200, <3>);

    Next episode is Blood Magic and Ex Nihlo
    The episode after is Thermal Expansion (adding recipes to the machines) and Mekanism
    Then I think after that I'll do Tinkers' and maybe something else (not sure what yet)
    Then I will go back to "basic" recipes, going over stuff like removing specific recipes, and other recipe stuff I missed such as giving an item back (e.g. water bucket in recipe returns a bucket)[DOUBLEPOST=1413117755,1413023467][/DOUBLEPOST]Episode 2 is upon us, we are looking at Blood Magic and Ex Nihilo. Next episode is Thermal Expansion and Mekanism.
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  15. JackyS

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    Nice tutorials.
    I was just wondering, could you do a Forestry episode (adding squeezer recipes, fabricator recipes etc.)
    Also, is Forestry even supported with latest version of Minetweaker (3.0.9)?
  16. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    I would do a forestry episode, if it had MT support. But I don't think MT has ever had Forestry support (looking at the wiki), but I believe the mod dev wants to support it... dunno when it'll be implemented though
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    Thats the perfect moment to poke @joshie and run away
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  19. madnewmy

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    Didn't know that :O
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