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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. XBlack_LeopardX

    XBlack_LeopardX New Member

    Im not sure how to add music to it? I read above but i dont get it can someone explain how to get songs to show up in the ingame gui?

    EDIT: Nvm figured it out!
    Love the mod Vazkii
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  2. Haighyorkie

    Haighyorkie New Member

  3. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    Updated to 1.1-5, removed bold text for people who have languages with the unicode font, fixed the volume buttons derping with the volume display, oh and beats:
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  4. MrPeach774

    MrPeach774 New Member

    Vazkii, can we expect support for other music file types?
  5. mrfrostym4n

    mrfrostym4n New Member

    This... is... AWESOME! I have been wanting this for so long now, thank you Vazkii!
  6. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Is it possible to play Flac files?
    I actually dont think I have any MP3's left...
  7. Shakumia

    Shakumia New Member

    Made an account just because of this mod, because it's so awesome I uninstalled foobar2k. I like how easy this is to use, and since I just use shuffle, it's perfect. However, I have one thing I'd like to see in an update.
    Placing the bar on the bottom and having a long song name has a funky effect with the toolbar, so I'd like to see an ability to change the size (mostly just horizontal) of the HUD.

    Just found out that after save quitting, the title screen still plays the music, and loading the world back up starts a new instance of the player, meaning you can't stop the old one from playing. This fixes itself once the song that was playing ends, but till then you're stuck.
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  8. YWZMatt

    YWZMatt New Member

    Oh Vazkii, you never fail to make awesome stuff.
  9. Plainy

    Plainy New Member

    Going to make the assumption that there still is a process in the back ground running even after quiting out
  10. Shakumia

    Shakumia New Member

    I guess so, and after multiple save-quits, it seems random whether or not it does it.
  11. ibitmyeye3

    ibitmyeye3 New Member

    Feature Request: Pandora support? I hate having to use a separate player in the background.
  12. T10a

    T10a New Member

    Meanwhile, in the Botania dev environment...
  13. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    It's merged on github right now. There's nothing I'm hiding in my computer, at least for botania.
  14. T10a

    T10a New Member

    I know, I was just saying 'meanwhile, while other mod devs use Pandora, iTunes or something for music while coding, Vazkii codes his/her own music player into the game'
  15. Arcaratus

    Arcaratus New Member

    Suggestion: You should add the scrubbing bar (or whatever it's called) so you can change where you are in the track, and a click-able pause/play, and skip buttons.
  16. homemmakako

    homemmakako New Member

    BEST MOD EVER!! (Now I don't have to run "the RAM memory eater" aka Itunes in the background) There is just one little thing that annoys me: if the music's title is to long it takes up the whole screen. Can you change it so the size of the thing is fix and the song's name scrolls? Oh, and even though I am quite sure you don't give a f***, I'd like you to know you are one of my three favorite modders (along with pahinoob and azanor). Keep up the good work :D
  17. deaddelgado

    deaddelgado New Member

    I made an account as well, just to tell you how amazing you are at what you do! My goodness +1 for you madam!
  18. AudioCraft Gaming

    AudioCraft Gaming New Member

    You are a life saver <3!!!! As my name suggests my Minecraft channel runs a modded survival but it incorporates music. However always having a music program open puts, even if minute, a drain on the comp but this mod eliminates most of the third party player. Thank you so much!!!!!!!
  19. ArceusFan493

    ArceusFan493 New Member

    For some reason, when a song finishes playing, it doesn't continue to another song, it just stops. Is this a bug?
  20. homemmakako

    homemmakako New Member

    Is this mod going to be updated for 1.8? I read Something about an update for 1.8 in the source code, but since I'm not a programmer I didn't understand it very well and have no idea whether it is close to done or has been abandoned (as you can see, not only am I a noob at programming but I am also quite stupid and lazy to spend some time trying to understand what is going on)

    :D :p (the "I am a cool guy" emoticons, a necessity at the end of every post) :p :D

    I don't even know what I am saying

    It's late

    Gotta catch em all

    Update to 1.8

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