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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Vazkii, Jan 3, 2015.

  1. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    This is a quick mod I threw together in 2 days for fun. It plays .mp3 files and loads playlists from folders and .m3u files.

    Controls (All Rebindable):
    Open menu
    End: Play/Pause
    Page Up: Music Volume Up (Ctrl-click acts as Next Song)
    Page Down: Music Volume Down (Ctrl-click acts as Previous Song)




    You can create a playlist by selecting a name and pressing the button in the corner. Selecting a .m3u file crawls it and picks up all .mp3 files it can find. Selecting a folder has it look through it and sub folders for all .mp3 files. Streaming and extended m3u is not suported yet.
    You can then select a playlist and double click a song to play it. You can move or disable the HUD and change the play mode (Track, Repeat [Track], Loop [Playlist] and Shuffle) in the options at the top.
    Holding Shift + Ctrl enables the developer settings if something breaks, try resetting the thread.

    NOTE: The playlist selector appears in a separate window. If your game freezes when you click the "Select Playlist" button, try alt tabbing and seeing if the window is there.

    Source Code
    Report Bugs Here

    Powered by JLayer and mp3agic. I did not test this over extended periods of time. Tell me if something breaks.
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  2. CoolSquid

    CoolSquid New Member

    Sounds awesome (as always)!
  3. Proaxel

    Proaxel New Member

    I'll give this a try in my FTB modpack. It seems I have found a possible solution to my depressing MC Music problem!
  4. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    I broke the mod in the first build, it worked fine on eclipse, I swear!
    If you crashed, just redownload or make a "mineTunes" folder in your .minecraft. Either will work.
  5. Eruantien

    Eruantien New Member

    Huzzah! Now I no longer have to have WMP/spotify/osu running in the background.
  6. loupduqc

    loupduqc New Member

    there was also youtube playlist for those with unlimited bandwidth :p
  7. ewsmith

    ewsmith New Member

    does this stop minecraft music or do you have to manually silence that?
    will this play sound with the minecraft music volume slider at 0?
  8. Rallias

    Rallias New Member

    Have enough mana there?

    Also... now I don't have an excuse to have 2 computers on my desk.
  9. TDarkShadow

    TDarkShadow New Member

    Are you planning to do streaming or to add a radiostation (block or item) to share your music with others? And will this mod have an impact on performance?
  10. 343N

    343N New Member

    FLAC support?
  11. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    No, you have to manually silence it, this runs on a separate thread.

    Streaming isn't supported, but if it is at a point I might. It shouldn't impact performance unless your disk has terrible IO speed, since the mod runs on a separate thread.

    The API I use plays mp3 files. So no, sorry.
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  12. TDarkShadow

    TDarkShadow New Member

  13. Numbah90

    Numbah90 New Member

    I'm gonna love using this.
  14. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    Updated to build 4 with fixes and stuffs.
    - Fixed the "show hud" option not hiding the hud if off
    - Fixed volume down not displaying
    - Fixed weird hunger bar glitch
    - Music stops on main menu
    - The select playlist file chooser now properly appears on top
  15. Abecedarius

    Abecedarius New Member

    Your little sig says you used to make mods, shouldn't that be that you still do? I love your mods, thanks for another awesome one!
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  16. jdog200207

    jdog200207 New Member

    That sounds pretty good, but don't u think that some of us don't have minecraft for pc, thus is a good idea but think about what might happen to other places pc or game.
  17. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

  18. Arcaratus

    Arcaratus New Member

    Nice! Tested it out, and I've got to say (you're going to yell at me for writing this post) it works beautifully in-game. Still, there's just one minor thing for me; since my music is in Japanese, (same for other foreign languages I assume), the title overlapping gets a bit messy: http://imgur.com/FpczNqB --I don't want the post size to be insane; And also later down the line, it'd be awesome if the mod had radio support!
  19. Vazkii

    Vazkii New Member

    That's actually a vanilla bug. When I'm patching the mod again I'll change it to not use bold text.
  20. MrPeach774

    MrPeach774 New Member

    Do you think you could add support for MPEG-4 and Wave sound files?

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