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Greylist Server Miners Provectus:Horizons:Greylisted

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by squince22, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. squince22

    squince22 New Member

    Miners Provectus
    Website: www.minersprovectus.enjin.com (Link)
    Miners Provectus is a server running the FTB Horizons mod pack.
    Miners Provectus aims to provide a heavy community feel where everyone feels connected! Playing with others not your thing? Don't worry! Go out and enjoy the infinite possibilities alone!
    The server is greylisted, so you need to apply on our website to play! Don't worry though, the application is easy and as long as you have been a good player in the past, you will do fine! Feel free to join the server before applying though! Take a look at the server and see what we have to offer!
    The server is run by the dedicated staff that brought Miners Provectus, a popular Mindcrack server now converted into a Horizons server! With that said, I wish you good luck on your journey into our world!
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  2. Slaughter300

    Slaughter300 New Member

    Well I'm in the process of joining your site. It's still a bit confusing to me really but I think I'm catching on. I really hope I'm not wasting yours and my time by attempting this.

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