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Whitelist Server Mineguild Network

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by _AfterWind, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. _AfterWind

    _AfterWind New Member

    I've already mentioned how to do it in the main post.
    You just do: /t new <townname>
    to create a town. And to expand that town you just do /t claim
    You will need some diamonds to do this though.
  2. Aphrodite2430

    Aphrodite2430 New Member

    - IGN: Aphrodite2430
    - Age:20
    - Have you played on other modded servers before?: i played on some ftb server hosted by me with some friend
    - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: i've played in singleplayer and in localhost server for about 2 years[DOUBLEPOST=1404057373][/DOUBLEPOST]- IGN: Aphrodite2430
    - Age:20
    - Have you played on other modded servers before?: i played on some ftb server hosted by me with some friend
    - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: i've played in singleplayer and in localhost server for about 2 years
  3. Oraia

    Oraia New Member

    Hey ! I search for a great and whitelisted server to play on , and this one looks really great , so here's my application . I'm Belgian , sorry if I do some mistakes ...

    IGN: GuillaumeDeleu
    Age: 14 but don't worry I'm mature
    Have you played on modded server before : I played on modded server before , but just 1 or 2 .
    Since when are you playing modded MC : I play since 2 month now , but I watch FTB Mod Spoltight since 1 years , because before I couldn't play FTB . I know quite a lot about MFR , IC2 , Ars Magica 2 and TE 3 .
  4. _AfterWind

    _AfterWind New Member

    Promoted to member. Welcome to the server!

    Promoted to member. Welcome to the server!
  5. Ogi_Kifla

    Ogi_Kifla New Member

    Don't you all just love when someone comes and greefs all your precious items... anyway someone comes, hooked up to my AE system and sucked out all my diamonds/emeralds/glowstone/redstone/iron/gold etc... so i think I'm done here just wanted you to know what kind of people you are adding on the white-list.

    P.S. Before you ask, yes, I have my place protected.
  6. InternetAthiest

    InternetAthiest New Member

    IGN: InternetAthiest
    - Age: 14
    - I have been playing on other dw20 and ultimate servers and hosted small servers for friends and my self.
    - Been playing MC for about 1 and a half year since my friend introduced me to modpacks.
  7. _AfterWind

    _AfterWind New Member

    Thanks for letting me know, and sorry about what happened. Nobody can really know who is a griefer and who is not, even if you join another server they are also gonna have griefers.
    I think the players are the ones that should protect their stuff and the admins give them the tools to do so.
    Well, I'm sad that you're leaving, hope you best of luck in the future :)

    Promoted to member. Welcome to the server!
  8. BigManVegas

    BigManVegas New Member

    - IGN: Mr_Imlow
    - Age:23
    - Have you played on other modded servers before?: yes a few public ones and one that my friend setup with other people, but they server host fell through
    - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: Yes I started in 1.2.5 with technic but never understood the mods for the most part back then, but now know the inside out of most mods on ftb and learning more of the other ones out there.
  9. Ogi_Kifla

    Ogi_Kifla New Member

    In my experience it is the admins job to remove griefers from server and also fix the damage they have caused, also there is a mod that helps you with finding griefers but im not sure of its name, I don't want to point finger at anyone but isn't it admins job to find griefers and remove them from server, especially white-listed ones, I mean I know there will always be griefers and you couldn't possibly ban them all or anything like that but that are admins for.
  10. Mustt

    Mustt New Member

    Hey Afterwing this is Jdpitt05 here, Im playing on Beta and my ME drive and interface and some other stuff was stolen, It was protected by a town so I dont know how the person was able to get the stuff I dont have anyone allowed to interact with anything. You can see where they were just breaking block looking for stuff I assume, I also flew around to other peoples houses and it looks like they had something similar happen, So I dunno man this sucks.
  11. Obisidiak

    Obisidiak New Member

    Well it looks as though this is not going to come as a big surprise, looking at the posts above, but I've just logged in to notice my 6 HV Solars are missing. The amount of time, effort and materials it took to make them....well I'm not doing that again. Yes, my town was protected, and the only person on my friends is Zenzar84 (who wouldn't steal stuff) so someone has found an exploit around Towny. As I can't be guaranteed anything I do is safe from now on (until the exploit is fixed and the person kicked) I'm leaving. This was the best DW20 server I've played on to date and it's sad to see it end like this but there you go. I wish you all the best and play safe!
  12. _AfterWind

    _AfterWind New Member

    Promoted to member. You're the lucky last ;).

    Yep, and there's no deny that we've been really bad at tracking griefers and banning them from the server so far, mostly because we're understaffed.

    If you still feel like playing send me a pm on when you're gonna be online so that I can give you the stuff back, at the very least I can do that.

    We're very much aware that we've done poorly in managing the servers. We're gonna try our best on the next update, so that things like that don't happen, at least not as much. Hopefully you had fun on our servers and hope to see you on the next update ;)

    Updated main post, please read it.

    Moderator, please close the thread.
  13. Melencanth

    Melencanth New Member

    Hay just found out that the server is back up and so i tried to log in and... needed a new launcher and modpack... ok got all that and... not whitelisted. Would you be so kind and re add me please?
  14. _AfterWind

    _AfterWind New Member

    Head over to our forum at http://mineguild.net/forum
    and apply for whitelisting over there for the time being.
    Not gonna update this post yet, since we're still in somewhat of a testing phase.

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