Minecraft Overviewer port for FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4

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Jul 29, 2019
Hey there Minecrafters.

I have now finally (almost) finished my port of Minecraft Overviewer for the FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 modpack.
(See http://overviewer.org for the original Minecraft Overviewer)

What it does
This version of Overviewer aims to add support for most of the world generation/terrain and other "easy/regular-shaped blocks" that are in the FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 mod pack, so that people can have nice overviews of their modded worlds. As FTB is using the universal configs in their 1.6.4 packs, this version should also be compatible (but not necessarily complete!) with other FTB 1.6.4 packs as well. Some other non-FTB packs are also using the FTB universal configs, and those packs should also be compatible, but again, not complete. If your pack uses a different set of block IDs, then they need to be manually adjusted in the code, unfortunately. All the configuration values for each supported block are in the comments in the texture.py file, and the RADME also lists the other files that have changes in this port.

What it doesn't do
It doesn't have connected textures, it won't render correctly things that require TileEntity data or things that are much different than regular cubes.
It is mainly meant to give you "the big picture" of your modded world.

The program is available from Github here: https://github.com/maruohon/Minecraft-Overviewer/tree/ftb-164
The version for FTB Direwolf20 1.6.4 is in the branch ftb-164. Read the README in the repo for more up-to-date and detailed installation instructions.
In the README are also the instructions on how to set up the textures for Overviewer to use.

I also have an older port for FTB Unleashed (1.5.2) in the ftb-152 branch, but that one isn't nearly as complete as this 1.6.4 version. It does render the terrain in FTB Unleashed nicely though.

An example configuration file is available at https://gist.github.com/maruohon/4fb888eafadd87d4a17c

List of (at least partially) supported mods
- Applied Energistics
- Biomes O' Plenty
- Buildcraft
- Extra Bees
- Extra Trees (only partial support due to lots of the stuff using tile entity data)
- Extra Utilities
- Forestry
- IC2
- JABBA (Barrels)
- Magic Bees
- Minefactory Reloaded
- Mystcraft
- Natura
- Project: Red (World)
- Railcraft
- Thaumcraft
- Thermal Expansion
- Tinker's Construct
- Twilight Forest

For a more up-to-date list, see the README in the repository.

Example renderings
Here are some screenshots of the rendering of my FTB DW20 1.6.4 world.


A random Mystcraft age

Test world - my test world for this port, showing all the supported mod blocks

Test world - Twilight Forest
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Would this port work for other modpacks that use Biomes o Plenty? I just set up my own server running Life in the Woods Renaissance, which has some similar mods.

Thanks, Bundy


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Jul 29, 2019
I explained what this will work for in "What it does".

TL;DR: This port will work as-is for packs in 1.6.4 that use the same Block IDs as the FTB DW20 pack.

If your pack has different block IDs, then all of them would have to be adjusted in the code. And unfortunately it won't work for other MC versions, at least not nicely. It might work for older ones (keeping in mind the block IDs plus any changes in mods between versions etc..), but 1.7.10 and newer ones have dynamic block IDs allocated on world creation, so it won't work for those without major hassles ie. adjusting all the IDs for each world separately. Unfortunately I still haven't had time to work on a port for newer versions...