Open Server MindCracked | Mindcrack 8.2 | Essentials | 15 slots | 24/7 | UK

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[SC] Paul

New Member
Jul 29, 2019
Server Info
We are a brand new UK based Mindcrack server running the recomended build of Mindcrack (8.2) we are also looking for staff members to join and help our community grow our map is fresh generated and completely unexplored so why not join us and have fun!​
  1. No Griefing of another players base
  2. No stealing
  3. No agreeing to team with a player then taking all of their stuff
  4. Banned Items: Canvas Bags (duping) Chunk Loading blocks (Reduces Lag also a Donator Item)
  5. Item's not allowed near spawn (When it is finished) Portal Guns, Wand of Excavation, Alumentum and Mining Lasers
  6. No-PvP unless both players agree to it
Server IP:
*To be added supply us with good ones and gain some in-game goodies*​