Open Milking Fluid Cows with Bucket fails if MFR Rancher blocked

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  1. Sorbe

    Sorbe Guest

    Summary of the problem Milking Fluid Cows with Bucket fails if MFR Rancher blocked

    Pack Version 2.5.5

    What is the bug? Get any fluid cow, wait for it to be ready to milk. Use an MFR Rancher to milk it but don't empty the rancher. Once the rancher is full and the cow is full, it will exhibit very strange behavior if you try to milk it.

    You get a "bucket of X" which will vanish if you pick it up with your mouse, move it in your inventory, port dimensions, etc. Apparently, the item was not created correctly.

    Mod & Version

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? Yes.

    Known Fix Avoid letting the MFR Rancher ever back up.
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  2. Darkosto

    Darkosto New Member

    That sounds like a server desync to me. That does not happen on testing for me.
  3. Sorbe

    Sorbe Guest

    I looked into this some more. It seems to happen if your MFR Rancher ever "stops" because it is full.

    Once that happens, vanilla cows behave fine and give milk normally with a bucket, but fluid cows get "jammed" and stuck at 0 ticks current countdown and exhibit this "bucket ghosting" behavior.

    Either way MFR -or- Fluidcow issue, I doubt this is modpack bug unless it is not repro in 2.5.4.
  4. Sorbe

    Sorbe Guest

    Recommend closing won't fix, pending Darkosto's review.
  5. Darkosto

    Darkosto New Member

    I'll do a round of fixes for 2.5.6 and see if I can replicate this before closing.

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