Members: They make FTB staff lose count

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by sgbros1, May 17, 2015.

  1. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    New rule, the same members can't post multiple times (e.g. lenscas, me, lenscas, striking, lenscas >_>)?
    Seriously, it is a little unfair seeing as there aren't even 1/100th of the possible counters, as there are breakers...

    So it's sort of impossible really to make anything dramatic

  2. playerismc

    playerismc New Member

    @sgbros1 Jord has a new Rule for you
  3. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

  4. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

  5. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

  6. Solarstrike

    Solarstrike New Member

    The first value above 1
  7. sgbros1

    sgbros1 New Member

    So that means the same person can't reset twice? Sure.

    Not resetting, have fun guys.
  8. Solarstrike

    Solarstrike New Member

    4, apparently.
  9. SoraZodia

    SoraZodia Forum Ghost Third Party Pack Team Mod Developer

  10. Solarstrike

    Solarstrike New Member

  11. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    well, there goes my fun.
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  12. LivingAngryCheese

    LivingAngryCheese Over-Achiever

  13. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

  14. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    because cheese did a double zero am I now allowed to also say zero?
    if yes then its now 0 else you have seen nothing
  15. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    Cheese didn't do a double zero o.o

  16. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    I meant cheese said zero directly after me
  17. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    So, it's still zero, but now we are on 2 ;)
  18. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

  19. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    gg, didn't know about that :p

    Annnnnddd a three
  20. lenscas

    lenscas Over-Achiever

    and how did I forgot
    please help, if you do I don't let you change the diapers of the child :p

    and of course no one is going to have any idea what I am talking about:p

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