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Mass storage of Cobble

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by ThyMrMan, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. ThyMrMan

    ThyMrMan New Member

    So while on my quest to get tons of resources, I found the issue that I was able to avoid before by using EE2. And that is what to do with all of my cobble from my quarrys. I have looked into using the gregtech mass storage block but its just too expensive for me at the moment.
    Currently using tons of barrels but they are hard to use since you can only pump into the top. So what other ways can I use to store lots of cobble without super endgame gear?
  2. StarLiner

    StarLiner New Member

    Perhaps have a diamond pipe sort them into a pit of lava/void pipe?
  3. PieExplosion

    PieExplosion New Member

    Upgrade the barrel with the "Extra-Dimensional Storage" upgrade to hold 1024 stacks.
    IC2 recycle it to scrap.
    Rock Crusher it to gravel and crush the gravel to sand with a low chance of diamonds.

    If you're having problems moving the cobble itself to machines, put them in barrels and pick up the barrels with the Portal Gun.
  4. b0Stark

    b0Stark New Member

    Personally, I keep a cache of 10 iron chests with Cobble and a separate cache of 5 iron chests with Dirt. The rest is just sent onwards, directly into recyclers for scraps. A recycler isn't expensive, and it helps in the creation of UU-Matter. All ores and other valuable things are sent to be macerated and smelted, then sorted. Simple, effective and cheap.
  5. ThyMrMan

    ThyMrMan New Member

    Thanks, gonna try some of those things, had no idea that Extra Dimensional Storage upgrade can hold 1024 stacks. And only issue with using recyclers is I am already running low on power from fueling the quarrys, advanced machines and also my peat farms. But I guess they don't use that much power.
  6. Meldiron

    Meldiron New Member

    I void every single cobble i get from my quarry, and instead i have a ingnious extruder hooked up to a chest, the chest will always be full even at times where i use a LOT of cobble.
  7. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin New Member

    Why are you using Electrical Engines for your Peat Farms? Once you get the piping set up, those can fuel themselves with Peat Engines , or you can fuel your entire farm network with a peat-fed Boiler. (Or take your farms off of your grids and power each with one or more Solar Panels. Bed use keeps night and weather from screwing you, usually.) Quarries are also best powered via the Thermal Expansion energy storage block as you can control its output and set it at a nice 10 which should keep the Quarries running at full speed while preventing them from guzzling more power than they need.
  8. Domingo_Chavez

    Domingo_Chavez New Member

    You can also use the scrap as fuel for the generator powering the recycler. As long as your luck isn't horrible, the scrap will produce enough EU to power the recycler to replace itself, with a small excess
  9. ThyMrMan

    ThyMrMan New Member

    I've been using electric engines for my peat farm cause I had extra electric engines and a couple extra solar panels laying around. So I just hooked them up. And just set up a ton of more recyclers and new extra dimensional barrels.
  10. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    Try crating it, then put it in the extra dimensional barrel.
  11. Mero

    Mero New Member

    Wood is a renewable source. Make wood chests and just pump them all into those for holding until later in the game when you can use them for other things.

    You don't have to use resources just because you have them. Cobble has plenty of uses in the tech mod packs, there is no reason to dispose of it just because you can't use it this minute.

    Also peat farms are self feeding if you set it up right. It is cheap to set up and easy to build. Couple a peat bog with a couple of tree farms, an auto crafting table and a couple of redstone engines and you should only have to throw in some wax capsules of water every once in a while to make more bog earth. Thermal expansion should automate the filling of the capsules/cans leaving you with the only task of placing more stock of the capsules/cans in every mc month or so. The entire thing will feed and fuel itself.

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