Waiting Many recipes only use uncraftable IC2 Iridium Reinforced Plates

Discussion in 'FTB Beyond' started by Ixsen, Mar 21, 2017.

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    Summary of the problem Many recipes only use uncraftable IC2 Iridium Reinforced Plates

    Pack Version 1.2.1

    What is the bug? Recipes like:
    the QuantumSuit, Iridium Drill, Iridium Neutron Reflector, Hybrid Solar Panels (IC2),
    the Cooling Core, Vajra Core, Ultimate Lappack, Superconductor Cover (Gravitation Suite)
    and the Sunnarium Alloy (Advanced Solar Panels)
    only use the IC2 Iridium Reinforced Plates and are therefore uncraftable. There might be more but these are all that I could find.

    Mod & Version IndustrialCraft 2
    Gravitation Suite
    Advanced Solar Panels
    Thermal Foundation

    Link to log file Not relevant I assume

    Is it repeatable? Searching for the recipes of one of the items described above in the NEI shows the issue immediately.

    Known Fix I assume the Thermal Foundation Iridium Plates are supposed to be the replacement ones.
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    Seems like some of the IC2 and techreborn needs a clean up of the recipies.
  3. modmuss50

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    That will be an issue with our recipes, I will be able to fix it in TechReborn.
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  4. Patriot1911

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    Similarly, Tech Reborn's Advanced Machine Casing's can't be crafted because the Data Control Circuits they are crafted with specifically require TR's Advanced Electronic Circuit instead of accepting any of circuitAdvanced. Is that a separate issue that I should report separately?
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    I have posted a link to this on our issue tracker, I have been busy with other projects over the past few days. I should get a chance next week to look into it.
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    This issue also creates a conflict with machine blocks and more importantly transformer upgrades. If you craft an IC2 transformer upgrade you receive a TechReborn transformer that is not usable. I am including screenshots of the issue. Please resolve this ASAP as this breaks IC2 and does not allow machines to be used with higher tier power generators such as solar panels. I have included screenshots of the issue. Thanks.

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  7. modmuss50

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    Fixed in the next version of TR. Sorry it took a while to fix.
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