Open Server Maddyncraft FTB unleashed No Lag | 24/7 Hosted | Older Mature Staff |MCPC+|GriefPrevention|Etc......

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Jul 29, 2019
Maddyncraft FTB unleashed No Lag | 24/7 Hosted | Older Mature Staff |MCPC+|GriefPrevention|Essentials|Lift|W.E.|W.G.|ItemSlotMachine|Prism|Craft Inc. Gates|Privatewarps|Enjin Minecraft Plugin|Votifier and more.

Maddyncraftftb is a sister server of Maddyncraft born from the desire to play with responsible mature players with NO LAG and 24/7 Up-time. Say a bad word by accident and get banned? No problem at Maddyncraft. We dont tolerate bad behavior, racism or sexism but we don't penalize you for the occasional f-bomb either.
No griefing allowed. Helpfull knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you.
Tired of 12 year old power hungry mods and admins? Try a mature play server for a change.
Teamspeak Server available as well. Info on the website.