Open Server LTGamers FTB Ultimate Server [No Whitelist][GriefPrevention][US East]

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Jul 29, 2019
Interested in joining a server where you can control who can grief? Well congratulations, you found the right place! Our Feed the Beast Ultimate Modpack integrates custom GriefPrevention plugin to prevent modded items from destroying your place!​

Server IP:​
The best thing...PVP IS OFF!
This is a 40 slot server. We try to keep it small so everyone will experience less lag!​
Remember, if you are idling for more than 10 minutes, you will be kicked to let others in!​
Banned/Restricted Items:
8334 - Corrupted Essence (VIP and Above)​
13457 - Portal Guns (VIP and Above)​
13458 - Portal Guns (VIP and Above)​
5258 - Canvas Bag (Silver VIP and Above - Sorry dupers)​
1227 - Utility Turtles (Mining/Melee...etc) (VIP and Above - Griefing problems)​
1228:0-2 - Turtle, Crafty Turtle, Wireless Turtle (Member and Above)​
1228:3-7 - Mining/Melee...etc Turtles (VIP and Above)​
1229:10 - Turtle Teleporter (VIP and Above)​
30208 - Mining Laser (Gold VIP and Above)​
516 - Quarry (Member and Above)​
617:15 - Terraformer (Member and Above)​
1053 - World Anchor (Ultimate VIP - Hogs Server Memory)​
243 - Chunkloader (Ultimate VIP - Hogs Server Memory)​
613 - Industrial TNT (Globally Banned - You can still make them in crafting recipes)​
622 - Nuke (Globally Banned - You can still make them in crafting recipes)​

Community Website:
We are an expanding community. Currently we are focusing and have servers in Minecraft and Counter Strike:Source!​
You can apply for member at
Server Rules:
1. No griefing​
2. No cheating/3rd party programs​
3. No trolling​
4. No harassing other players​
5. Do not ask others for free items. Trading are fine​
6. No spamming / Flooding the server​
7. Post on Forums if you have any questions or concerns​
8. Report grief on Forum only including your coordinates​
9. Have fun and be nice!​
10. Learn how to use GriefPrevention
Vote For Our Server:
Please visit
Apply for Minecraft Member to receive more permissions:​
Register on our Forums. Navigate to Feed the Beast - Ultimate section -> Member Whitelist Applications. Post a thread following the format of the application.​


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Jul 29, 2019
Most of everything has been set up. Join whenever to enjoy the fun! Remember, space is limited!


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Jul 29, 2019
Shops are done. Players are welcome to buy them and Donators will be able to receive them!