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Casual Server Looking to start a small (private) community of about 10 people

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Matterbound, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Excellent, added to the list!
  2. cav2805

    cav2805 New Member

    Hey, Im a graduating senior from high school in norther Virginia and really interested in joining your server. I have been searching for a small community server that will be able to provide a friendly and fun experience with other members who enjoy spending time with each other and playing minecraft.

    My MC username is : swaggmonster99
    My Skype is : cesarvargastorrico

    please excuse my username for MC. Its my little brother's and I can't currently afford to buy myself a new account because I'm broke. However im starting my new job next week and will be able to pay for a new and more mature username and also be able to help pay for a new server.

    Thanks for the opportunity.
  3. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Added to the list![DOUBLEPOST=1362812418][/DOUBLEPOST]Anyone who posts from now on will be added to the list tomorrow as I am going to bed.

    Good night everyone! I look forward to talking to you all!

    (Feel free to apply, I will get to you tomorrow!)
  4. MineBeast

    MineBeast New Member

    I have a 32gb dedi box, you are welcome to have a 2gb ram server
    EDIT: (free of charge)
  5. joop339

    joop339 New Member

    i would be very interesded joining. i was looking for a server like this i think it would be realy great in the weekends iam always available and on normal weekdays mostly all time
    iam 18 years old skype name is degraafjopke and IGN: joop339
  6. Jarrett Rose

    Jarrett Rose New Member

    I have a small 12 slot FTB mindcrack server with only me and my friend i could white-list about 10-15 more players (were are all never going to be on at the same time) they would all have to be close friends of yours or one of the trusted members to make sure no stealing or griefing happens. - Jarrett
  7. Lirux

    Lirux New Member

    Hey man, I was looking all over the FTB sub reddit for a while to find something like this. I think it would be an interesting thing to do, playing with a group of about 5-10 people. I am quiet shy about talking in Skype, TS, Vent. Is the TS interview required? If so, I most likely will do it. Btw, I am 15. (Slightly experienced with FTB)
  8. Francisco Gonzalez

    Francisco Gonzalez New Member

    Hey I've been playing FTB for awhile and lately I've really been wanting to get with some friends and play. I'm 17 and as of right now I have a little cash so I'm getting a new mic. Till then I can use my Itouch Skype account to talk and play with you guys. I would love to play on this server with you guys! Thanks!

    Minecraft IGN: fjgonzjr

    Skype: fjgonzjr
  9. axfk

    axfk New Member

    I hope I'm not too late to join. I'm 20 in college and trying to find a server to join. I'm willing to be on around every other day. I have quite a bit of experience with the mods. I have a quality mic and a skype account.

    My Minecraft name: axfk
    Skype: axfolk
  10. sk8rtriforce96

    sk8rtriforce96 New Member

    If you're still looking I'm wanting to join as well. I'm 16, a junior in high school, and I just recently left my job so I have plenty of free time to play. I've been playing almost 100% modded minecraft for a little more than year so I'm pretty experienced when it comes to these mods. I've got a skype account and a fairly decent mic so I can voice chat. I do play games aside from Minecraft, mostly tf2 and l4d2. I'm also an amateur YouTuber and post videos infrequently, so I may record some on here but it's unlikely. Also TeamSpeak would be preferable to Skype if possible. Including Skype info just on the chance someone wants it

    Minecraft: sk8rtriforce96
    Skype: sk8rtriforce96
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/sk8rtriforce96/
  11. Real_akatosh

    Real_akatosh New Member

    were we going to have the meeting on teamspeak?or one big skype call?
  12. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    We're on TS right now.
  13. Elliot hume

    Elliot hume New Member

    Hello there, I'm turning 16 in 10 days so I may be a little underage but I am knowledgable in all the ftb mods. I am experienced especially in setting up complicated storage systems and automatic mining setups. I have played lots of other games and am really looking for a good friendly server to play on, I play everyday and have a good mic. MC: Xelerayte Skype: elliot.moose.hume.421
  14. Insanegguy

    Insanegguy New Member

    if there is still slots left i would love to join the server my ign is insanegguy i stream sometimes and would stream this also i'll add you guys on skype if im on the server or go on teamspeak if there is a ts server[DOUBLEPOST=1364610484][/DOUBLEPOST]also im turning 14 next month

    ROBOCHIPS New Member

    I would love to join your server. First thing is first, my IGN is ROBOCHIPS, but I would most likely go by NJ. I have been playing FTB since ftb beta AA and I continue to look for challenges through out the progression of both minecraft and the various FTB mod packs. I enjoy playing with my people on servers so much that I rarely play single player anymore. I enjoy playing around with all of the mods included in the pack, and I plan on mastering bees as my next project if you will. my Skype is mr.njtrhise, but I am more than willing to jump in a TS to talk and meet new people and play minecraft. I do plan to stream on the server, so if that is a problem, please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope that I get to play with you soon, if not, Have fun in your adventures.
  16. Blade4323

    Blade4323 New Member

    Hello there. Im a friend of ROBOCHIPS, or NJ. Like him, I have played FTB since its early release, and I have also played modpacks such as technic or tekkit. I hate playing alone, unless its a singleplayer adventure map or something of that sort. Even still, I hate playing alone.
    On to the topic on hand... I would like to join your community, (hopefully ROBOCHIPS is included) because neither me nor NJ have found a server for us to really settle on. The ones that we tried we just didnt really fit in. Both of us know most of what there is to FTB, and should anyone need help either of us can provide aid to the best of our ability. Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read this, and I do hope you include both me and ROBOCHIPS in your community.

    IGN Blade4323
    Skype blade4323
    I can also use Teamspeak3, or any other chat related program should this community decide on a main one to use.
  17. Mrdouble

    Mrdouble New Member

    Hi, I am 13 but am very knowledgeable about mods, especially Redpower2 and Buildcraft3.

    IGN = mrdouble__
    Skype = casey51400

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