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Casual Server Looking to start a small (private) community of about 10 people

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Matterbound, Mar 9, 2013.

  1. BlazeDozer

    BlazeDozer New Member

    I'd be intrested in a server like this, and I could possible obtain a server. And im free for that time! I'm also 16, with a intergrated mic, with strong knowledge of most of the mods.
    My skype and MC username are the same as this account, and id love to get together for games other than minecraft!
  2. lightlynamed

    lightlynamed New Member

    Hey, I've been considering joining an FTB server and this sounds a lot more fun than sifting though and trying to find a nice one. Looking forward to playing with you all. I'm 21 btw, IGN is slightlynamed.
  3. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Awesome! Added to the main post. Are you available at about 2-4 PM EST tomorrow?[DOUBLEPOST=1362803763][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Missed you two! Added you as well. Are you available at about 2-4 PM EST tomorrow?
  4. Tlacatecolototl

    Tlacatecolototl New Member

    Interested in Joining, prefer you ask me a few questions in a Teamspeak or Skype chat.

    I play a multitude of games, I can provide a Teamspeak server or a Game server (Game server can't handle too many people, but a temporary one while we search for a more solid solution.) I understand nearly all of the mods, I literally have 3-4000+ hours in Minecraft since 2010. I literally play everything and if you would like to know more about me, just let me know. Seems enjoyable enough once I meet all the people.

    IGN is Tlacatecolototl, Steam and Skype is sgtmas2006. Plenty of other aliases as well. I also have a pack that could easily be very-well adapted to work with even more mods. I personally believe there should more to accepting these people than posting on a thread, but it's personal opinion.
  5. edub912

    edub912 New Member

    I'm actually on a ski trip in Colorado at the moment, but I'm scheduled to arrive home at around 3..ish. It all really depends on if the snowstorm delays my flight however. I'll try to be on relatively shortly after I get home, but I won't make any guarantees. I'll make another post if my flight gets delayed, as it will be impossible for me to make the meeting if it is.
  6. lightlynamed

    lightlynamed New Member

    Can't think of any reason why I wouldn't be. Guess I'll talk to you/you all around then, then.
  7. B33TL3

    B33TL3 New Member

    I'd be very interested. Been trying to find a small, tight-knit Ultimate FTB Server since the one I was on went under due to not being able to afford server costs.
    Username would be B33TL3.

    I'm not that super-knowledgeable on any of the mods, but I've been getting into Bees and Thermal Expansion, while abusing Tesseracts to gain massive amounts of fuel. Because Steam Boilers are awesome.
    Also, Steve's Carts are awesome.

    On the side I play LoL a fair amount, along with some Awesomenauts, Blacklight: Retribution, and TF2 on occasion.
    My favorite game is Alan:Wake, by far.

    Skype name is b33tl3z, due to B33TL3 being taken. :/

    Edit: Should probably mention I'm 17. Turning 18 in mid-April, though. If that's that big a thing.
  8. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Sounds good you
    Read the post a bit more carefully under the "how to contact me" section. ;)
    Otherwise, sounds good. added to the list! Are you available at about 2-4 PM EST tomorrow for the meeting?

    Edub: I may not even be available until 3 PM anyways, so that works out pretty well. 2-4 PM is the general time, but everything can be adjusted if need be.[DOUBLEPOST=1362805648][/DOUBLEPOST]
    Added to the list! Are you available at about 2-4 PM EST tomorrow for the meeting?
  9. agold2539

    agold2539 New Member

    This sounds like a great idea. I have played on a few small private servers, but none of them were very constant, and I currently moderate a large Mindcrack Pack server (500 slots, I will send the IP and log on if you need confirmation, you can never be too careful). While both of them were great times, I would like to play on a smaller server like this that would be run twenty-four seven. I am pretty good with mods, but as many of the other members have said, I am not that confident in my abilities to set up an automated fusion reactor and other fancy GregTech/Thaumcraft stuff. Unfortunately, due to school and extra-curricular activities, I would not be available to play every day, but I play a lot on weekends and almost 24/7 during breaks.

    I like the idea of having the ability to play games such as Worms or TF2 from time to time, but seeing as I am on a Mac (it wasn't my choice, don't hate), I would not be able to play many other game. I do, however, have COD4 which I love to play.

    I too use the built in mic, but it isn't too bad of sound quality, but if it becomes an issue, I might look in to buying a nice gaming headset with a good mic because I am going to need a new pair of headphones soon. My MC name is the same as my username, and I can PM you my Skype if interested. Thanks for your consideration!

    Edit: I also have a TS, same as my username here.
  10. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Added to the list! Are you available at about 2-4 PM EST tomorrow for the meeting?
  11. agold2539

    agold2539 New Member

    I should be, is it just going to be a Teamspeak server or a Skype call?
  12. B33TL3

    B33TL3 New Member

    Umm... my family's unfortunately headed to New York for Saturday/Sunday tomorrow... today, rather. >>;
  13. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Teamspeak server. I'll message everyone the details tomorrow.

    That's fine! You can be "interviewed" when you get back! :)
  14. Amp

    Amp New Member

    I might be in.

    Been playing single player nonsense for the whole of my time in Minecraft, maybe I'm missing out? I dunno, let's see how this works out. Put me down for this, Skype: Amperture
  15. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Added to the list!
  16. Shadowfox324

    Shadowfox324 New Member

    Definitely sounds interesting and I would be willing to offer up the my CreeperHost server as residence for anyone who ends up being involved. The only people currently using it are two friends (east coast) and myself(west coast), though they haven't been on much recently. It's currently Slime setup (1G ram, 2 cores) but I'd be willing to bump it up to Spider (3G ram, 2 cores) on my dime if there was an active community and maybe a Skeleton (4G ram, 3 cores) if the needs demand it. It's currently the Direwolf20 pack, but if this meetup turns out well, I'd be more than happy to update to the Ultimate pack.

    I'd also willing to upload weekly/bi-weekly saves of the server maps, if a method for doing so can be decided, so that everyone has access to their projects in case they decide to leave at some point but do not want to lose their work.

    As a quick run down about myself:
    • Age: 25, male
    • Software engineer currently working in the casino gaming industry.
    • During college, I taught high schoolers how to program and build robots, gaining a knack for helping others and picking up skills/knowledge sets quickly.
    • Been playing Minecraft since Alpha (if memory serves correctly).
    • Started playing FTB once the launcher was released and followed Direwolf20 and others before that.
    • Have an understanding of most of the mods within the Direwolf20 pack and some mods of other packs.
    • I've been handling the server for about 2 months, managing such issues as:
      • Pulling down server files to edit out chunk errors, mob spawning issues, etc with MCEdit.
      • Installing server side mods (ForgeEssentials).
      • Updating the server from the 1.4 Beta to the Direwolf20 pack (losing Gregtech and some other mod items).
    • Misc: Avid Doctor Who and general sci-fi fan, Final Fantasy series, a bit of WoW for a few years.
    If the plan is to meet up on Skype/Teamspeak to talk and determine who will work in the group, I can also white-list everyone interested before hand so that people can meet in game and look around if they'd like.

    I'm not sure how we'd handle my friends in this situation and they might not be able to join the chat on such short notice, but they're pretty laid back and easy to deal with. I'd definitely make sure to have them chat with everyone at some point, but it's hard to gauge their current interest in the server or general time schedules being on the other side of the country.

    I'm open all day this Saturday and Sunday.
    Skype: shadowfox324
    I'll look into Teamspeak tonight. Probably the same name.
    IGN: shadowfox324

    P.S. If possible, I'd like to not do a server reset as I put a lot of work into my current base and other server oriented projects, though I'm willing to destroy items that were easier to obtain in the Direwolf pack if it makes people happy :D
  17. Amp

    Amp New Member

    Well snap. I'm an Electrical Engineering student myself, doing a lot of IC, computer architecture and embedded systems as my core competencies.
  18. B33TL3

    B33TL3 New Member

    That's good, that's good. I should be home some point around Sunday evening or somewhere nearish that.
  19. Matterbound

    Matterbound New Member

    Amazingly sweet! Certainly added to the list!
  20. timewarp

    timewarp New Member

    I'd be interested in joining. I'm a 22 year old programmer just out of college, I've been playing Minecraft since before it was called Minecraft, and I'm very familiar with almost all of the mods in the Ultimate pack. If we'd be renting a server I would be able to pitch in some money every month for hosting. I should be free tomorrow from 2-4 PM EST.

    IGN: timewarp
    TS: timewarp
    Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/timewarp1

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