Looking for players/Infitech 2/US south

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lambchops66, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Lambchops66

    Lambchops66 Guest

    Looking for a couple mature people to play Infitech 2 with. Server is new(still in bronze age) located in US south so no point responding if you think you will have connection/lag issues. Add me on discord Lambchops66#7409

    Note: we plan on playing the mod out fully and having experience with gregtech/automating machines would be a big help
  2. Theory

    Theory Guest

    im down to play
  3. Lambchops66

    Lambchops66 Guest

    just add me on discord
  4. Theory

    Theory Guest

    my name on discord is elon musk jr
  5. Lambchops66

    Lambchops66 Guest

  6. Lambchops66

    Lambchops66 Guest

  7. grandrolf

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    Stop bumping your thread!
  8. Cranky Fisher

    Cranky Fisher New Member

    added you

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