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  1. pirita

    pirita New Member

    I am looking for months a good plugin or mod to protect lands or blocks. WE ALL REALLY NEED a mod or plugin that do not let players open inventory(interface) of a blocks of other players. I already tested GriefPrevention(too bugs), Factions(do not protect), MyTown(not updated, do not protect all), Towny, LWC(not working, outdated), Lockette(not working, outdated), BlockOwn(not working). And more.
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  2. Connor Gavitt

    Connor Gavitt New Member

    You really do want a plugin that let's staff open player inventories. But since for some reason you don't I won't suggest any.

    Get prism with a MySQL database that can hold at least 20GB.

    Lwc and lockette do work for ftb and protect everything you configure them to so if they don't work for you file support with us or bukkit to fix it.

    Grief prevention, my town, factions are actually the best that can really work for ftb so I'd find out how to fix the bugs and work out the issues, with grief prevention, Lwc, lockette, and I think my towns you can manually add blocks to protect so essentially it can protect everything.
  3. pirita

    pirita New Member

    I do not want open player inventorys. I told blocks inventory
  4. Connor Gavitt

    Connor Gavitt New Member

    So you don't want to know if a player has cheated items? Just gonna take their word for it assuming you have a public server people will. Have cheated items, it's a given.

    Though if you are having issues with those plugins we will be glad to help you but the ones you tries really can work and they work the best.
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  5. pirita

    pirita New Member

    The LWC for version 1.6.4 is working now. See how add itens IDs of modpack:

    autoRegister: private
    enabled: true
    autoRegister: private
    enabled: true
    autoRegister: private
    enabled: true
  6. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Alright, just ignore Connor, who was trying to help you....
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  7. Redruzerkruzer

    Redruzerkruzer New Member

    If you really want to protect your server, i suggest using: core protect (Lets staff fix griefing, in most cases), LWC (Modify it to protect every modded block that should be protected), Towny (Which you need to HEAVILY modify) Or MyTown, which was built for forge (I use towny, simply because it is awesome), Essentials (Maybe, this is more for the players then the staff), world guard (To ban/blacklist ban items & protect spawn) along with itemrestrict to ban/limit bad items (It is always nice to have a back-up banned items list).

    Griefprevention (Or golden shovel) is very buggy and/or not as stable as MyTown or Towny. My opinion on it is a lot of people use it because it is fast and easy to set up, yet offers almost no protection and no real value to the server. Although im sure you can modify it, i suggest not using this, ever.

    And lockette imho, is just a pain in the ass. Signs get in the way a lot, and locking everything like a smeltery or a ME system would be horrible.
  8. pirita

    pirita New Member

    Thank you.
    GriefPrevention is really too bugged . I already tested it alot of times.
    Prism looks like be very good for rollback griefs.

    My banned list of items and mods ATM are:
    - MOD: Adv. Genectics : Crash
    - Dropper(OpenBlocks) : Crash
    - Mining Laser : Grief
    - Turtles : Grief
    - Turrets : Grief
    - Crane BackPack : Grief
    - Block Teleporter : Grief
    - Portal Guns : Grief
    - Pellet Launcher : Grief
    - Nuke : Grief
    - OreMagnet : Grief
    - Wand Focus : Grief
    - PortaSpawner : Grief
    - Dolly : Grief
    - Diamond Dolly : Grief
    - Bedrock sword : OP(testar se mata no spawn)
    - Power fist : OP(testar se mata no spawn)
    - Bow of bones : Glitch GUIs
    - Chunk Loaders e anchor(deixar apenas o Persoal Anchor limitado) : LAG
    - Mystcraft : LAG
    - Hoppers (todos) : LAG/CRASH
    - Mana Batery (ars magica), : CRASH
    - MOD Dye Trees : LAG e muita arvore colorida é ruim.
    - RotaryCraft: Spawner controller : LAG
    - RotaryCraft: Flood light : LAG
    - ME Level Emitter : LAG
    - ME Fluid Level Emitter : LAG
    - Tanks (OpenBlocks, limitar apenas) : LAG
    - Boring machine (RotaryCraft) : Super LAG
    - Explosives : GRIEF
    - Destructive wands : GRIEF
    - Arcane bore : GRIEF
    - Needlegun-Ammo (menos a Needle ammo) : GRIEF
    - Refined Firestone : GRIEF
    - SPAMR Launcher : GRIEF
    - Sonic Borer : GRIEF
    - Emperor's Chalice : GRIEF
    - Destructive Genes : GRIEF
    - Plasma Cannon : GRIEF
    - Factorisation Barrels (voce ira perder seus itens) : BUG
    - Crafting Station, Betterstorage : CRASH
    - MOD Gascraft : Não usa em multiplayer
    - MOD Mysticraft : LAG
    - MOD Quarryplus : Muito over power, e temos a do ExtraUtils.
    - *redstone computer cirquit, Crash
  9. pirita

    pirita New Member

    Anyone can give me configured towny ?
  10. darkdeath1332

    darkdeath1332 New Member

    What is wrong with GriefPrevention? It works fine for me with my extention.
  11. pirita

    pirita New Member

    The last version of GriefPrevention is dupping itens with the "punishOnLogOut" and the config is not taking effects on changes.
  12. darkdeath1332

    darkdeath1332 New Member

    Get an older version, updates are not always positive.

    Just like the new ftb launcher annoying me with a pop-up.

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