Looking for a partner or two starting a community.

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Jul 29, 2019
Hey guys as the title says i'm currently looking for a partner or two to help me create a professional modded minecraft community. I do have experience running minecraft and other community's but usually i had help to take some of the work load and spread it around. A lot of the people I used to do this with have either quit minecraft or don't have time.

I'm usually the back-end person that does all the server work and maintains the forums i'm looking for two people or one depending how experienced you are to assist me with running the front-end of the community. I obviously will also being contributing in that aspect but would like a dedicated person running the day to day operations.

Main points i'm looking for are listed below.
  • Maturity (Very Important).
  • Previous experience.
  • Flexible hour's and commitment(Being Active).
I already have a dedicated server purchased capable of running many minecraft servers on it without and problem. Server specs listed below.

  • E5-1620v2
  • 1 Gbps Port
  • 3x300GB SSD's
  • 64GB RAM
I have a domain purchased and XenForo forum software ready to be installed if you think you have what it takes and share some of the same ideas as me and want to start a professional minecraft community please post below or PM me here on the forums. I will respond as quickly as possible and give you a TeamSpeak IP so we can talk.